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Scrapbooking: Max Is Six

Sometimes I make just one little thing and then I just want to make more. Such was the case today when I completed a scrapbook page for my nephew Max. His birthday is on Friday and since I send a page every year for his birthday, I knew I needed to hurry and complete it to get it in the mail so he will receive it on time. So I made one little page… and now I’m just itchin’ to scrapbook more! Unfortunately, I have a bunch of other stuff to get done this week so I might have to wait a bit. Anyway, here is Max’s page:

I cannot believe Max is six already. When we moved here to Tennessee he was just 5 months old and now he is 6! He is such a fun kid, I love to watch him as he gets older!

Anyone else wish they could scrapbook (or any other project) but have other stuff to do instead? Maybe I will find some time to sneak some in :)

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Scrapbooking Photo 365

This is something I have been wanting to do all year and I’m just now getting around to starting. I have been wanting to scrapbook my photos from Photo 365. I knew it would be a big undertaking simply because there are so many pictures but the end result could be so cool, right? I’ll be honest, I haven’t been scrapbooking much lately but I finally dragged out all of my stuff and got to work.

Since there are so many photos, I wanted to keep it really simple. Nothing fancy here, just documentation. I printed the photos small and all the same size so there would be no guess work. I also crammed as many pictures to a page as possible so the book doesn’t get too fat. Even though it’s simple, I really like it :) So far I have finished with January, here it is:

I used a simple small sized 3 ring binder. I figured I could fit more in that way. I think I might make a cover for it still, currently it is unadorned.

My vision was lots of handwriting in a variety of styles. I’m hardly using anything beyond paper but once in a while I do use some sticker letters and such.

There are doodles here and there and some washi tape. The papers I have gathered from all over the place.

I printed the flag title block at home using Free Ribbons from DaFont (found at Poppytalk).

Another source of inspiration was The Non-Planner Datebook by Keri Smith. I’ve ripped it apart and used it in this book. I love all of the doodling and handwritten letters and I knew I wanted to incorporate it in this book.

Another thing I added in was journal cards from 7gypsies which I have had forever and finally am using. And of course, I’m using my Dymo label maker. I pretty much can’t make anything without it :)

For all of my doodling, my favorite pens are Staedtler pigment liners. I really love these pens. I bought them in a pack of four, all black, with 4 different sizes. There is .1mm, .3mm, .5mm, and .7mm. It’s so great to have a variety and I use them for everything! My favorite is the .3mm just in case anyone is in the market for some pigmented, archival, acid-free ink pens :)

And that just about sums up January. I’m a little behind but I only worked on it for two evenings. A few more evenings and I will be all caught up! Okay, maybe more than a few :)

Anyone else playing catch up with anything? It’s always so hard to get started when you feel so far behind but it sure feels good to be finished. Not that I would know, I still have a long way to go!

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Scrapbooking: Jakey Turns 8

My little nephew Jake had a birthday last week. He is the oldest of my niece and nephews and so every year on his birthday I marvel at how quickly time is passing. I cannot believe he is already 8 years old! As you know, I make a scrapbook page every year for their birthday so by the time they are 18 they will have a full book. Next year Jake’s book will be half way finished already. Crazy! Here is the page I made for him this year:

Since I don’t get to see them very much because they live on the other side of the country, I rely on my sister-in-law for the pictures. Thankfully she takes good pictures and a lot of them! Every single one of these was taken by her. I love this little guy, he is such a delight :)

See more of my scrapbook pages under the scrapbooking tag.

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New! Fabric Stickies!

Whew! I have been working on a new product lately and I was just able to finish it and get it in the shop!! There are some changes coming to every jot & tittle mostly because business has been very slow for me this year. Because of that, I am re-evaluating things and am planning on phasing out everything that is old to make way for new things. I’m still figuring out my game plan but I’m excited about it, I think it’s time for change. With that said, if you want any of the old stuff, you’d better get it soon because it won’t be in the shop for much longer. Although I will still happy to take requests.

Onto the new!! The way I get most of my ideas is because I personally want something for myself and I can’t find it so I make my own. Recently, I thought it would be really cool to have some fabric stickers made from some of these vintage fabrics I have lying around. So I set about to get it done! I have started by making a few different collections in a few shapes with the plan that I can always add more if I want to. Here is the circular version:

This is my favorite set (above)! I also made some that are using new fabrics:

And then I made this fun little flag using a circular sticker. I think it turned out really cute!!

There are also arrow fabric stickers in the shop:

This is what I made with an arrow sticker, a little calling card or business card:

And lastly, there are now tag shaped fabric stickers too!

With the tag shaped fabric sticker I adorned a thank you card:

So what do you think? I love all of these fun patterns and I have a feeling I am going to be sticking them everywhere!! Get yours at the shop!

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Scrapbooking: Playing Catch Up

For those of you who don’t know, I am in the process of making five 18 year scrapbooks. How it works is I make one page every year for 18 years and then the scrapbook will be complete. These books are for my nephews and niece. For their first Christmas, they get the actual book and it contains a title page and one page about when they were a baby. Then, every year on their birthday, I add a page to it. By the time they are 18 they will have a completed 20 page scrapbook from their aunt. I love making them but recently I’ve gotten a bit behind. I’ve been a bad aunt.

I have now finally caught up and I have a few pages to show you. This was the first time I have gotten to make girly pages. My little niece, Lily, made her debut last January so I got to make her book for Christmas and then for her first birthday in January. It was fun to use girl colors and papers for her. Here are her pages:

This is the cover page. When I send their birthday page, I also send a small picture to go on their cover page. That is what all the numbers are for, so my sister-in-law knows where to put the corresponding picture.

Lily’s baby page. Isn’t she sweet? Even though we live far apart, I actually got to see her when she was just a month old and it was so special. Then I got to see them all again in June and in December. It was a blessed year! Lily is such a sweetie. She loves dolls already and it’s so funny to watch her carry them around. A true girly girl in the midst of 4 brothers.

Lily’s first birthday page. Most of the pictures I have to get from my sis-in-law since I am not there often enough to take pictures. But for this page I actually took all of them when they were here in December. By the way, I am totally in love with this paper. It’s Cosmo Cricket in case anyone wants to know :)

And then I got mixed up and made another page. I’m not sure why but I don’t mind since now I get to keep it for myself! I love the color combination in this one, the bright green and bright pink are wonderful!

And now onto a couple of the nephews. My brother and sis-in-law were in the process of adopting their third child when they found out she was pregnant. So they have two children only a couple months apart. These boys are so fun and I can’t imagine not having one of them! Here are their pages:

I’m not sure how they keep up with two three-year-olds but they do it well. This is Noah. He’s a character and I love him so much! He talks a lot and I can’t understand most of it but it’s so cute I just want to keep him here in Tennessee with me :)

And Oliver. He’s such a sweetie. He is {almost} always happy. He minds well until it’s time for bed then he just wants to tease his brothers. So cute!! He will be turning three next week.

Yay for me, I am finally caught up!! I will try really hard in the future not to get so far behind. And maybe one of these days I will actually scrapbook for me!!

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Hello, and welcome to my little blog! What started out as a blog to show some of my scrapbook pages ended up being a blog that shows all of my projects, ranging from scrapbooking to decorating to sewing to photography. I also run a little online shop called every jot & tittle where I sell handmade paper products. Take a look and leave me a comment to say hi! (Photo by Heather Smith.)

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