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Photo 365: Year End Wrap Up

As I was typing the title to this post I literally can’t believe it. A whole year has gone by and we are ready to start a new one?! It can’t be!! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I began Photo 365 and now I’m done. And no, I wasn’t even close to taking a shot everyday and that is okay with me. I took shots when I remembered and that’s enough. I’m glad I did this project. It definitely was a growing experience for me and that was the main goal.

I will not be continuing on with Photo 365 next year but I do have some new goals for myself that will involve photos and this blog. I will let you in on them next week. Until then, here are some Photo 365 pics from this last month and they will be the last ones for the year that I post. Kind of sad to see it come to a close but to everything there is a season.

Every single one of these was taken with my phone and most of them ended up on Instagram (check out my Instagram photos here, even if you don’t have Instagram). I love capturing life on the go!

A photo from Thanksgiving. In the car of course. Our favorite time to take self portraits together :)

Workout hair.

At the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga. We had never gone before and we went with some friends at the beginning of the month. We had a great time and took dorky photos of ourselves along the way :)

Another photo at the Hunter but I couldn’t resist posting it because this mirror art piece was seriously cool!

Had a little night out with some friends and went to an improv show. Another thing I have never done before and it was really fun and highly entertaining. Now I really want to go again!

We’ve had a few cold days this past month but overall it has been pretty warm for December. I love cold days and I wish I got to wear my stocking hat more often. By the way, did you know that here in the South they call those stocking hats toboggans? I thought that was really strange at first because to me a toboggan in a sled.

Knitting. I finally finished a scarf for myself that I began two years ago! That’s how it goes sometimes I guess!

Standing in the return line at Walmart. No fun…

My outfit for Christmas. A sparkly dress, fishnet tights, and cheetah shoes. Doesn’t get much more festive than that!

And lastly, Jason got me these red pants and shoes that I wanted for my Christmas present. I wore them both yesterday. Thank you sweetie, I love them :)

Thanks for sticking with me this past year! I appreciate every single comment that was made!

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Photo 365: 11.16.11 – 11.22.11

This post is going to be short but sweet today because I have a lot of stuff to get done!! I’m gearing up for the holidays and I working in a frenzy. But it’s all good stuff and I love doing it. Here is Photo 365 pics taken this past week, all of them with my phone :)

gingham + plaid, love it!

tights + rainboots

In the drive up at Starbucks for happy hour, buy one get one. Oh ya, we totally took advantage of that!

And that is my quick recap of the past week. Want to see all of photo 365? Click here.

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving. We are going to spend the day with my family. Just a nice, quiet, relaxing day. By the way, I will be taking off the rest of the week from posting but will be back on Monday and then it will be time for Christmas projects! Yay!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Photo 365: 11.09.11 – 11.15.11

As I’m sitting here at my computer, the rain is beating down. I love the rain. Especially when I’m in my cozy little home. And, especially now that we have our new roof :) Just in time for this wet weather! Now for a little sneak peek into my world this past week:

On Wednesday, just before I left the house, I ran into the guest bedroom to snap a photo. There are few places in my house where I have a full length mirror. One is in the guest bedroom. The other is if I stand on the commode in the master bathroom. I really should invest in a full length mirror for my room. It would make life a whole lot easier :) Besides, the guest room is always a mess unless there are guests coming and so it’s sort of embarrassing to pose for photos in front of that mess (it’s where I throw all of my clothes when I’m trying to find something to wear)! Yeesh!

Yay for us! It’s finally scarf weather. This was from last week. The scarf weather lasted until Monday when it was 70 degrees! And yesterday it was warm too. But now the temperature has dropped again and I’m very happy. I love winter. Bring it on!

11.11.11 at 11:11 I just had to take a photo of what I was doing at that time (and yes, I was on Pinterest, it’s an addiction!). I really couldn’t help myself. And not only did I take a photo… I took 2. One with my phone as well:

It was funny because I had planned to do this all week. I set reminders on my computer and phone so I wouldn’t forget. Five minutes before, my reminders started going off. I got my camera all set up so I could just snap it and then I called Jason into the room to show him something and since I was talking I almost forgot. If Jason hadn’t pointed it out to me that it was 11:11, the time would have passed. But I got what I wanted. Whew!

I got some new boots this week. I am totally in love. Not a very good photo to show them off but you get the idea. And yes, I am in my other full length mirror for this photo, in the bathroom. I really need to get a full length mirror for my room. I mean, who wants bathroom shots? No one!

And that wraps up Photo 365 for this week. Want to see all the rest? Click here. Enjoy your Wednesday!!

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Photo 365: 11.2.11 – 11.8.11

A couple of pictures taken this week. All of them from my phone. I was actually going to try and take photos this past week of what I was doing with my hands. I got a few in there (including some I already showed you from yesterday’s project) but do you know how hard it is to balance a DSLR with one hand and take a photo of your other hand while doing something?! It’s not easy. So I mostly used my phone :) Much lighter and easier to maneuver with just one hand. I also sneaked in a photo of Jason and I :)

Working. As I mentioned last week, there are a few new things in the shop and so I have been busy filling orders. Working is good and I love feeling productive!

Here is something you might not know about me. I love Cheerios. Just the plain kind and I really only eat them without milk. They are my after dinner snack in the evenings pretty much every night :) I feel like a little kid. And sometimes, I find remnants of Cheerios later. You know, like when they fell behind the couch cushions or something. Then I really feel like a little kid. Jason thinks it’s funny which I’m glad for. At least he doesn’t think it’s annoying :)

Jason and I always watch Biggest Loser together on Wednesdays on Hulu. We don’t have cable so any shows we do watch, we watch on the internet. Biggest Loser is the only one we consistently watch together. I also like the Office and Parks & Rec but I usually watch those on my own. Anyway, I told Jason I wanted to get a photo of us watching BL and this is the face he made. Thanks for that one sweetheart :)

Now I need to get to work. I have some photo editing to do and projects to make!

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Photo 365: 10.26.11 – 11.1.11

This week my theme for Photo 365 was my feet. Or rather, I kept asking myself the question, “Where am I going?” Some of them I shot with my iPhone while I was out and about and some I shot with my DSLR. It was a fun week and I’m sad to see it go. But I have a new theme for this coming week so it’s okay :)

For this photo I was in the car with Jason going to the grocery store. I threw on my red flats and I was ready to go! Many times Jason and I do our grocery shopping together. It’s more fun that way. Plus, he knows that if he sends me to the store alone, I come home with a bunch of stuff we don’t need. If he comes with me he can keep me under control! Hey, I can’t help myself, I like food :)

For this photo I am standing on the stairs getting ready to meet a friend for more shopping. Only this time it’s the good kind of shopping: Target! Target is pretty much my favorite store and I go there all the time. It turned out to be a fruitful day. I found a purse for $4 and eleven picture frames in various sizes to add to my gallery wall for $6! Not too shabby! Thank you Target, I love you.

The next place these feet went was to a wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and although it rained all day on Friday, by the time Saturday rolled around it was beautiful. A bit chilly, but beautiful! I actually stayed pretty warm and only my hands got cold. I was feeling pretty thankful I wasn’t the bride in her strapless dress!

On another note just because I happened to be thinking about it… I ran out of time before the wedding to paint my nails. So, since we had to drive for over an hour to get there, I decided to paint them in the car (Jason was driving). I’ve never done that before. Have you? I’ve decided that it wasn’t the best of ideas. I didn’t get nail polish on anything but my hands which is good but they just didn’t turn out very great. Kind of a globby mess. After I finished I said, “huh, seemed like a good idea at the time.” And Jason said, “did it? Cause I didn’t really think it sounded all that great.” Haha… he makes me laugh! Please tell me I’m not the only one that has attempted this!

Moving on…

On Monday I wore my slippers all day long. Literally. I didn’t leave the house so I never took them off. I love days like that :) I did change out of my pajamas though which is something I don’t always do when I stay home all day. That counts for something, right?

In the parking lot at Blockbuster. I really wanted to get the whole yellow arrow showing but I couldn’t with my phone. I need a wide angle lens for my phone. Something like this would do. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

And that pretty much sums up my week. Has anyone had any grand adventures this week such as painting your nails in the car or going to Blockbuster? I know, I know, I live on the edge :)

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