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Pinterest Love

Is there anyone out there who has not heard of Pinterest yet? I have been hearing about it for a long time now but have been a bit resistant to join simply because I already use Image Spark (you can read about my love affair with Image Spark here). A few weeks ago I finally joined the Pinterest world and while I still use and love Image Spark, I now have two places that I keep track of inspiring images.

I actually have to be very disciplined. It’s super easy to get lost in Pinterest and find yourself spending waaaaaaaay too much time browsing other boards and images. There are just so many fun ideas and I might want to add them to my collection so I have to keep checking, right?! Here are some pictures that I have added to my boards:

Isn’t this lovely? I have a board for bedrooms and I collect every inspiring bedroom image that I can find.

I also have a board for living rooms. I think this blue living room is gorgeous!

I keep a board for outdoors. I would love to have a space like this!

It’s also handy to have a board for colors and patterns that inspire me. I love this color combo and I think it would work really well in my own living room.

I’m sure you aren’t surprised to learn that I have a board for DIY projects. I really love this side table made from a lampshade frame.

It is surprising to me that I have a recipe board as well since I normally don’t like to cook all that much. I have made a few changes to our diet recently and now I have really been enjoying cooking. I just hope the enjoyment lasts :) And don’t these oreo cookies baked into chocolate chip cookies sound amazing? I really will try these someday!

I have a board that I collect images of different typography things as well. I really love this poster, it cracks me up!

Another board I really enjoy adding to is clothing inspiration. It’s sort of like shopping, except instead of taking it home with me, I just pin the stuff I wish I could buy. Like this super cute dress from Madewell. Love it!

I have a bunch more boards that I haven’t listed here but you get the idea. Have I convinced you to join yet? It really is fun… but also addicting. So don’t say I didn’t warn you! You can now head on over to Pinterest and request an account and start pinning. Just to let you know, it takes a little bit to get an account once you request one. I think it took me about 1 week or so. But the wait is totally worth it. I have a new love :)

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A Trip To The Fabric Store

I have been hearing about the fabric store Lewis and Sharon from Little Green Notebook for quite some time and have been wanting to make a trip to see it, since I knew it was located in Atlanta, but haven’t done so… until now. Actually, quite a few months ago, my mom and I tried to go but we went to Ikea first and spent too much time there. By the time we got to the fabric store, they were closed. Sad day for us! So this past week, Jason and I went to Atlanta and on the way home stopped at L & S. It was amazing!

Seriously, I had no idea how wonderful it would be. Tons of gorgeous fabrics all together makes me happy. It was so great that even Jason admitted what a wonderful store it was and he hates going to fabric stores. That’s saying a lot if he thinks it’s good! Now I know not all of you are able to go so even though you can shop online at their store, I still thought I would show you a few pictures from the actual store.

First of all, I was naturally drawn to anything in gray and especially anything ikat. I have been wanting something ikat for so long and still don’t have it so I have been looking for the perfect one. L & S had a ton to choose from. Here are some of my favs in the gray color family:

And although I love gray, there were also lots of other fun colors:

and animal prints…

and fun florals…

and great textures…

funky fabrics (I love the ocean animals!)…

black and white…

vintage looking prints…

and if all of that weren’t enough, there was a whole downstairs section to enjoy as well! They had a showcase of furniture that you could choose from and then choose your fabric to go with it. I was completely blown away. Too. Much. Eye. Candy. I especially loved all of these velvet fabrics hanging in color order. Gorgeous!

I want to bring each one of those home with me right now! And let’s not even get into all of the amazing outdoor fabrics…

They are so great I would use them inside as well! And lastly, one of my favorite parts, was the remnant section. You can get some killer deals on some of these fabrics if you didn’t need a lot of yardage:

I was able to take little clippings of the fabrics I loved so I could bring them home and check them with some of the other things I have in my house. I have a small stack of gorgeous patterns and colors staring at me and I can’t wait to pin them onto my inspiration board (once it makes its way upstairs from the basement). Hopefully, I will get to go back soon, when my Mom returns home, and we can pick out some fabric to bring home. There are so many fabrics I love, the hard part will be narrowing it down!!

Go to their website and browse around. You won’t be disappointed! Here are some of my favs from their site: ikat, ikat, ikat, animal print, linen, linen, floral, floral, and crewel. Plus, there are so many more. I could have added a million links :) If you are ever in Atlanta, make a point to go there if you love fabric as much as I do :)

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Anthro Inspired Living Room Pillow

The title of this post is a bit misleading. I say Anthro inspired but I should say Anthro copied :) I saw a pillow on Anthropologie’s website a little while ago and I was in love. It it such a fun mix of patterns and colors and textures that I immediately bookmarked it and kept it in my mind for future inspiration. Yesterday I decided was a good day to make a pillow and so I got to work. Here is the inspiration from Anthropologie

Way cool, right? As much as I loved it, I didn’t love the price tag and the colors didn’t completely work for my room which is why I set out to recreate it. Here is my finished masterpiece:

I used lots of vintage fabrics that I have picked up at thrift stores along with the vintage green floral that I used for the tray. Here are some close-ups:

The gray and white polka dot is actually the backside of a black and white polka dot print I had. I felt that the black was too strong and when I flipped it over, it was perfect. I sort of wish I had done the same with the green floral but what’s done is done.

There was a bunch of piecing together on this pillow and so it took a while but I’m really pleased with the results. I didn’t have a pillow form that was the right size so I made one of those too. That way, the pillow cover can still be washed since it’s removable. Here is the pillow on the couch:

Anthro also has some other fun pillows that are a similar style that I would like to try. Check out this one and this one. Use the magnifier to see the detail of the pillows close up, they are really fun.

Anyone else have any favorites from Anthropologie right now? It is a dangerous place for me to go but I do love it so :) Happy Thursday everyone!!

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Mood Board: Jason’s Office

I finally had a chance to whip up a mood board for Jason’s office. I really want the room to feel masculine since this is his room. Most of the rooms in the house I decorate for me and I really want to decorate this one for him. I’m also wanting to play around with the arrangement in the room and make it better than it is now. The only thing stopping me from getting straight to work on this room is time! I seem to have a lot on my plate right now and I need to finish some things I’m working on before I can get started in this room. But pretty soon Jason will be leaving for a few days and so I think I will use that time to paint since the room will be unoccupied. Anyway, here is the mood board:

office mood board

First of all, I’m going to paint the room a really dark color. I like our room color so much that I decided to go dark in this room too. I already have some paint from my Mom that she ended up not using so that makes it even better! We also really want to do a pallet wall which would bring some warmth to the room and it wouldn’t end up being so dark.

I’m also going to bring our loveseat into this room. We have a loveseat and couch that match. Previously, the loveseat was in the family room and the couch was in the living room. Since we now have our new old couch in the living room, the other couch moved to the family room and the loveseat is just hanging out in the sewing room not being used. So I’m going to move it to Jason’s office where it will definitely get more use. There is also currently a chair in there which isn’t my favorite but it will work for now until I find a new chair to replace it preferably from a thrift store since I am really hoping to find a cool vintage one. I’m going to wait until I find the perfect one!

To go along with the dark walls I would like to use blue, red, and gray along with some natural textiles like linen. I hope to find a cool tribal type rug (like in the mood board found here). That really should be my first purchase so I can plan the rest of the room around it but, because of budget, I will have to save up for it so hopefully I will find the right one when the time is right. I also want to paint the floors (they are painted concrete) but I haven’t decided on a color yet (possibly a color to make it look more like natural concrete).

I really want some typographic art in this room and this poster from Ikea came to mind immediately. I also like the other posters shown on the mood board found here, here, and here. But who knows, I may just make something since I obviously like to do that sort of thing :) It would be fun to hang some clipboards on the wall as well like the one shown.

Since I’m loving blue lately (and of course zig zags!), I really loved this throw. Although based on the price I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be showing up in real life. But it looked really good on the mood board so I may have to search for something similar but less expensive.

And lastly, lighting. As mentioned I must have a new light fixture. I’m going back and forth about what I want. I did see a green industrial pendant light (like these) at an antique store and I thought it would be cool to have a splash of green but I’m not sure how much of it you would see since the ceilings are low and it can’t hang down very far. I also thought it would be fun to make one of these. And what do you think of the light in the mood board? I found it here. I think it would be nice to have something like that by the desk for some more light.

Then of course I will need to style the bookshelves and have a small end table and pillows. Wow, there is a lot to do! I am excited to get started though and I know it will be a slow process, but the end result will be worth it. It’s probably good I can’t start on it immediately because I obviously have some decisions to make! Any thoughts, ideas? I would love to hear them!

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Guest Post: Savannah Inspiration

Recently, Warren and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I’ve been wanting to go for some time and we were suppose to be getting a big snow in Tennessee… We missed the snow but did get the cold. Unfortunately, it did make a difference with the amount of walking we did while there. It is a truly a beautiful city with so much history. We even saw the park where Forrest Gump sat on the park bench with the feather floating down….!

Of course, they have wonderful stores in Savannah with most of them being a lot more expensive then I am able or willing to pay. BUT that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good ideas! Here are a few pictures snapped at a store called The Paris Market:

s savannah basket

s savannah table

s savannah light

s savannah table 2

s savannah chandelier

What do you think? Should we try to make one or two?!

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