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Pinterest Challenge No. 2

The Pinterest Challenge is back and once again, I’m posting mine a day early. I love these challenges. I actually do try a lot of the stuff I pin on Pinterest but there are so many things to try it’s good to have a challenge to make you go for it! My project was super simple and it amazes me how many easy things there are out there that I’ve pinned and could make in a matter of minutes! Literally, this took just a couple of minutes, not counting shopping time :)

I have been pinning necklaces for a while now. Simple necklaces that I think I might be able to make. Here are my inspirations:

Pinned here. Found here. Great colors! And the mismatched quirkiness of it is wonderful!

Pinned here. Found here. Oh Anthro, why do you tempt me so?

Pinned here. Found here. I love the chunkiness of it and the colors. The ribbon is to die for as well.

Pinned here. Found here. So simple and probably one of the only ones where the beads would be easy to find.

Pinned here. Found here. I love these handmade beads. I think these could be made with some polymer clay. Be sure to check out the rest of the shop, there are so many great color combos!

Aren’t they all fun?! I wouldn’t mind if I had every single one of these in my stash.

So, we all know what the hard part is, right? Finding the gorgeous beads that were used. That is what makes the necklace. The great beads and fantastic colors. I set off to find some beads in good colors and I did find some that I like. They aren’t as large as I hoped but otherwise I really like them so I worked at stringing them together. I kept it really simple (much like the last inspiration photo) and this is what I got:

I didn’t even take the time to attach a clasp. I simply tied the hemp string to itself. That way it also makes it adjustable in length. I have a few other necklaces that I think this will be really cute to layer it with. Here it is when it’s shorter:

There isn’t any project much simpler than stringing 5 beads together and tying a knot! I even have some beads left over so I can make a bracelet if I want :)

Be sure to check out all of the other projects tomorrow! I know I am looking forward to seeing what people come up with :)

Want to see what I did last time for the challenge? Check it out here.

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Pumpkin Tower

I have just a quick, one photo post for you today. The project that I thought would be done for today… isn’t. But this little photo is just as good :)

Driving through town I saw this pumpkin display and I thought it was really cool. I really want one now but I don’t have as cool of a spot to display it as these folks do. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and this time I snapped a photo. Seriously, what would I do without my iPhone now that I have it? If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already saw this picture but for those of you who don’t, here you go:

Isn’t that awesome? I have seen the same idea made with stones which I also really loved and they said for the stones to glue them with epoxy and a thread a dowel through. What do you think? Any great ideas for how to make one of these and make sure it’s stable?

Oh, I just love fall, don’t you?!

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Inspiration From Vacation

I love vacations. Is there anyone who doesn’t? It’s so wonderful to take time to get away and do something out of the ordinary. When I come home from vacation I usually feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. Or at least my little corner of the world :) We just got home from our vacation on Sunday night and we had such a great time. While I am still getting myself back into the swing of things, I thought I would share a little bit this week about our vacation.

For our time away, we headed to Charleston, South Carolina and spent a week there with Jason’s family. It is a place I have always wanted to go to and I loved it. It was even better than I thought which is always a good thing right? While we spent most of our days in Charleston, we actually stayed outside of the city on Kiawah Island. Kiawah is a seriously beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind going back :)

Kiawah is full of beautiful wildlife and while it does have a gorgeous beach, the island is also very marshy. Because it is a resort community, there are lots and lots of large homes. We rented a 3500 square foot house so we could all stay together and the house we stayed in was small compared to many of the houses on the island. Today I thought I would show you some of the house we saw.

One afternoon Jason and I went on a drive and I took pictures out of the car window at some of these homes. I actually couldn’t even photograph the really large homes because they were a bit more private with trees surrounding them.  But I did get some pics. I have always loved driving around neighborhoods, looking at houses. My Mom and I love to do this together. I hope you enjoy it somewhat because here we go!

We had a beautiful day while we were driving around. I love to see all of the palm trees since I have never lived in a place with them. A lot of the homes were this style with the shingle siding and white trim.

I took this photo because of the steps. See what is growing on it? It’s some sort of Japanese creeping fig. Apparently it is better than ivy because it doesn’t damage the brick. Now I would really like some for my brick, I love how it looks!

All of these homes are built up because there is potential for flooding. It makes the houses look that much bigger because then they all feel like they are 3 stories… or more!

Just looking at these homes makes it feel like a vacation doesn’t it?

Lots of pretty tropical landscaping.

Many of these houses had glass front doors and you could see in through the front and out the back windows. I love that!

This one is a little obscured but it was so pretty I took a photo anyway. These houses all looked out onto the marshes or golf courses. Kiawah Island has 5 golf courses! The PGA will be having a tournament at one of them next year.

Impressive, huh? How I wish I could sneak inside some of these and see what the inside is like!

I love all the windows!

Did you enjoy this little tour? All of these houses were from just one street. There were way too many to take photos of them all. Did you have a favorite?

Has anyone else reading this been to Kiawah Island? If not, I would definitely recommend it! Tomorrow I will share with you some Photo 365: vacation style :)

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Inspire Me

Every once in a while I like to let you all in on my inspiration secrets. Today I thought I would share a few blog I have been enjoying recently in hopes that you will be as inspired as I am!

Just last week I stumbled across Emmadime. It’s a fantastic blog for pretty pictures. I have been enjoying looking through the archives. You also have to take a look at her design portfolio, it’s lovely. Here’s a couple fun photos from her blog:

Another one I’ve been taking in is Middle Child Complex. So many pretty photos and a great mix between fashion and home related photos. Another bonus (at least for me) is it’s her tumblr feed so it’s all photos and not a lot to read. I like that because you can zoom through all the loveliness!

Odessa May Society is also another place where I lose track of time perusing. Gorgeous pictures and beautifully curated. One of my favorite features is her wishlists. The one I have shown below is her wishlist for an imaginary kitchen. Really pretty, right?

You have also got to check out Black.White.Yellow. How can you go wrong with that color combination?

And one last one for today is Ledansla. One thing I love about this blog is all of her photos are her own. While I love collections gathered from different sources, it’s always nice to see a blog where everything is original. She has really pretty photos, you must check it out!

I hope those blogs give you something to read for a little while :) Enjoy them, but you might want to read one at a time or you will find yourself sitting at the computer for hours!

What about you? Have you found any blogs worth mentioning lately? If so, leave the names and links in the comments. I always love a new blog :)

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Ideas For The Bathroom

Hello and happy Friday to you all! It’s been a good week so far, my husband even let me sleep in today which was wonderful! But now, it’s back to work :) I am thinking about doing a little project in my bathroom and I would like you all to chime in with your opinion if you don’t mind…

I have been steadily working at tagging all of the previous posts for this blog so you can search for things more easily. That means that I have to do each post individually. I could just blitz through and do them all at once but I can only handle so much monotony per day so I have been doing about 20 posts a day. I should be done in a week or so… yay!! Anyway, yesterday as I was going through them, I came across this post where I blogged about some scrapbooking pages I had done. For some reason, seeing this page that I made 3 years ago stopped me in my tracks:

It wasn’t because of the page that I had to take a second look but because of the paper. I have been thinking about doing a pattern on the wall in the guest bathroom for a while now and just couldn’t decide what I wanted. Then when I saw the above page, I just knew it was the right thing. Now that I have repainted the bathroom, it’s a bit more subdued. It needs a little something to bump it up a notch. You can see pictures of what the bathroom looks like here. I would just like to put the pattern on the wall with the mirror. And If I really like it, maybe it will make its appearance on another wall in the adjoining room (the guest bathroom is actually two connected rooms). The reason I was super excited about this paper was because it reminded me of the wallpaper designed by Joy Cho which I am totally in love with. Here is the one I really love, in 3 different colors:

If you want to purchase these, you can find themat Hygge & West. Isn’t my scrapbook paper somewhat similar?

Anyway, here is where I need your help. I’m not sure what color to go with. The bathroom is a light gray so the background will be this color with a different color making the pattern. I’m going to use paint markers to draw it on again (since it seems to work so well for me!). I really love the gold but I have already used gold in the hallway which is right next to the bathroom. Would that be too much, or should I just go for it because I love it? I also could make the pattern white. But, would that be too subtle? Then there is always silver or gray as well…

Ahhhh, I need help! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I would appreciate it very much :)

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Hello, and welcome to my little blog! What started out as a blog to show some of my scrapbook pages ended up being a blog that shows all of my projects, ranging from scrapbooking to decorating to sewing to photography. I also run a little online shop called every jot & tittle where I sell handmade paper products. Take a look and leave me a comment to say hi! (Photo by Heather Smith.)

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