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DIY: Laundry Room Artwork

Since I have been so busy lately, the laundry room progress has halted a bit. I hate that. I wanted to come home from vacation and get to work! But other things came up and it had to get put on the back burner for a little bit. But that’s okay, I’ve been waiting for 4 years, a little longer won’t hurt :)

Before I left, I made some artwork for the room. Yes, I made artwork and hung it up even before all the walls were painted. The part where the art is hung is finished and that was good enough for me! I get that from my Mom. She does the same thing at her house. I had to laugh when I was doing it too because I could picture my Mom doing it. I just can’t help myself… the decor is way more fun than painting!

I already had these three frames on hand and so I just needed something to put in them. I had loved the calendar I made for my Mom so much I decided to make artwork like it. I am really into everything metallic these days (who isn’t?!) and I’m excited the with the way they turned out. I have to say though, it is really hard to get a good photo of metallic artwork with glass on it. I really should have taken out the glass for the photos but that would have been too much work. Ya, I’m lazy like that!

Lines and triangles are the thing to have in artwork right now. Seriously, every blog I read has them incorporated somehow. I couldn’t help but follow this trend.

It’s a small space but I love how they fill up the wall.

This type of artwork couldn’t be easier. If you like it, try it for yourself. It’s fun :)

Yay for DIY artwork using only materials that I already had = free :) It really can’t get much better, can it?!

As the photos above reveal and as I’ve already said, there are still things to do in this room. But instead of feeling discouraged by the lack of progress in the last month, I’m feeling encouraged with how far we’ve come. And, I’m really loving the outcome. It’s just what I wanted. What a blessing!!

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Don’t Cost A Dime: Chalkboard Banner

Some of my favorite projects that I do around the house are the ones that don’t cost anything. I get an idea, I have everything I need on hand, and I make it. Super simple! That is how it worked for this project I’m about to show you. I’m not even sure what sparked the idea but I just happened to have everything I needed on hand and I love how it turned out.

I don’t normally decorate for fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall, I just don’t normally take the time to decorate simply because I usually focus all of my efforts on the Christmas season. This year I just added a couple of simple little things around the house to remind me of the fall season.

First, I added a wreath to the fireplace. The problem with a wreath is we have an outlet right in the center above the mantel. Normally this is great, I can plug stuff in up there. But when you add a wreath, the outlet shows right in the middle. Not so great. That got me thinking about how I could cover this little guy up which got me to thinking about a banner. First I was going to just make a paper banner but then somehow it evolved into a chalkboard banner. Here is what I am talking about:

Isn’t it cute? And, it almost covers up the outlet. I think it at least detracts from it :) Here is how I made this little banner.

First, I drew what I wanted on foam posterboard. I happened to have white on hand. If I had to buy the materials, I would have bought black simply because the sides would be black also but white works and you can’t really tell anyway.

I actually measured and used a ruler and everything! Can you believe it?!

Next, I cut out my shape using scissors but you could also use an exacto knife (mine is MIA at the moment so I had to use scissors).

After my banner was all cut out, I used peel and stick chalkboard paper. You can find this lots of places, I had mine left over from another project. You can also find chalkboard contact paper on Amazon. I wouldn’t mind getting some myself simply because it comes in handy so often :)

Next, I used a bone folder to smooth the chalkboard paper to the foam board.

Then I trimmed away the excess using my scissors again. And ta-da, you’ve got yourself a banner!

Now comes the fun part… you get to write on it! Since I was using this as a little bit of fall decor, I decided to write Give Thanks. This would also be really fun to use for Halloween party decor. Or, use it for a party. It would also be really cute at a wedding on the back of the bride and groom chairs. Really, you can use it for anything. That is the beauty of chalkboards.

I chose to outline the banner with chalk to give it the look I wanted. It makes it look more like a ribbon which is what I was aiming for.

All I had left to do was add the twine. Since this is a very lightweight piece, I simply taped it to the back.

Pretty fun, huh?! I will probably keep this puppy around for Christmas decor too, just change the words.

And that my friends, is another Don’t Cost A Dime project completed :) Happy Thursday!

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The Power Of Paint

I have a quick little transformation to show you today that comes from my Mom’s house. Are you ready for some DIY inspiration?!

I am not the only one who frantically rearranges before guests come for a visit. My parents do it too, only more so. They had about 2 weeks to get things ready before our visitors came and they decided to update 2 bathrooms at the same time. This involved new toilets, sinks, tiling, and painting. Yes, they are ambitious. But you know what? They got it done. And that includes my Dad doing all the plumbing himself at the last minute because the plumber didn’t show up. They are amazing.

One of the projects they did was a new sink for one of the bathrooms. This bathroom was still in all of its 1950’s glory with blue tile and pink everything else (toilet, sink, and tub). It was lovely (not). So while they were trying to decide what to replace things with while staying on a budget I noticed a sink cabinet for free on the side of the road and mentioned it to my Mom. She wanted to see it so we walked across the street. She thought it had potential so we hauled it home. Here it is before:

Because they were so busy getting everything else ready I volunteered Mom bribed me into painting it for her. It actually came with the sink too but at this point I had already taken it off. After 5 coats of paint, here is the after:

Not bad for something free huh?

The funny thing is that it was in the house of the next door neighbor previously. So Mom invited them over to see the bathroom not telling them that she had transformed their old cabinet. They were shocked but they loved it. They might have even wish they had kept it themselves :)

Cute little knobs too :)

So there you have it, a free transformation (except for the knobs). Someday I will have to show you the before photos of this bathroom because it was atrocious!! Thankfully, it’s better now. Good job Mom and Dad!!!

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Bedroom Update: Curtains

I haven’t posted about my bedroom in quite some time. It has pretty much stayed the same as the last time I showed it to you. Not that there aren’t things to do in there, I just haven’t been doing them :) I have been focusing my efforts in other places of the house.

One thing I have been wanting to put in there was curtains. When I took out the dining room curtains and replaced them, I thought the old ones would look nice in the bedroom but I never got around to putting them up. Yesterday I guess I was in the mood because up they went! Here is a shot to remind you of the sad, curtain-less state the bedroom was in:

I had a good start but the lack of curtains really makes it seem blah. MUST. HAVE. CURTAINS!

Yay! Much better. What do you think? There are a couple of other differences in the room, can you spot them? In the new picture we have our summer coverlet on the bed. I actually like the darkness of it which surprises me because I thought I would like the white better. But, I’m thinking it’s too brown (we have had it for a long time and it matched what we had previously). I think I might attempt to dye it dark gray or black. I have never tried dying anything before so it will be an experience but I want to try. Have you ever dyed anything? Any tips?

Another difference is the pillows. I have been using the black and white stripes and the chevron pillow in the living room lately. We don’t normally put all these pillows on our bed everyday anyway, so I didn’t mind them being down there. But when I went to take this photo I realized how much I needed them. I just might have to make some new ones for the living room so the bedroom can have its pillows back :) It’s nice to know that I can switch them up and interchange them with other rooms though.

Do you want to know something? Yesterday I was in the mood to hang these curtains but I didn’t have a curtain rod. What I did have was a flag pole (I’m using the flag that goes on it in the library right now). It works great for a curtain rod in a pinch :) Plus, that made this whole project free. My favorite!

One of my favorite parts… the elephants. A friend gave these curtain holders to me and I am in love with them. Who can resist a brass elephant?! I actually have one more that I didn’t need so I might use it as a hook somewhere else.

Another small change which you might have noticed yesterday in Photo 365 is I added flowers to the console. Previously, these flowers had been in the dining room until I added my neon lamp and then they didn’t work anymore. So they now have a new home in the bedroom.

And that’s it for today. I’ve still got things to do in there but that’s what makes it fun. As I’ve mentioned, I like change so getting things done here and there is more fun for me than getting things done all at once. If my whole house was done, what would I do with myself? I would probably be bored :) Yep, I’d better take things slow…

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Junk Finds: Door

We have lived in our house for just over 5 years. Ever since we moved in, I have wanted a different front door. My dream door was a door that was paned like our windows so that it would let in more light into the entryway. I love having natural light streaming into our house and I would add tons more windows in a heartbeat if I could. But, doors are expensive and our door was perfectly fine so we allocated our budget to other house projects. But that didn’t stop me from wanting a different door :) As a reminder, here is our entryway:

When the door is open a ton of beautiful light streams into the house. Many times on nice days I just leave the door open (we have a glass storm door too), it just feels so happy to have that extra light :)

Yesterday, my wish was granted… sort of. It didn’t come in the form of a brand new door but it came in the form of a new-to-me door. Yesterday when we were driving home, Jason spotted this door on the side of the road (pardon my messy garage where this photo was taken!):

Free door! Exactly what I wanted! It appears that I can’t get much better than this :) I know that it can be difficult to fit an old door into an existing space so I’m really, really hoping it will work. I did some quick measurements and it appears it might be just the right size, we shall see. It needs a little bit of TLC but that’s what I’m good at so I’m pretty sure I can spiff her right up. I’m super excited, can you tell?

And maybe, just maybe, I will paint the inside of the new door a bright color. I already have the color in mind. We shall see :)

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