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Sewing: Tassel Pillow

Ever since I got a new duvet cover for my bedroom, it has sadly been bereft of throw pillows. The pillows I had been using on the bed no longer worked and I have been slow in replacing them. Recently, I added a new pillow and took one step closer to having it complete. And this new pillow? I love it!!

Just curious, how many of you make your bed everyday? I will admit, I don’t. But my husband does. Why? Because he is seriously awesome… and I’m lazy :) That is probably why I have been so lax on making new pillows. He makes the bed but he doesn’t usually add all of the throw pillows anyway so it’s only when we are having company (or I’m taking photos for the blog) that I take the time to make the bed look complete. On a day to day basis I don’t think about it that much. Last time we had people over, I was frustrated by the incompleteness of it. It just looked kind of sad! That is how this new pillow came to be. And hopefully, there will be more on the way.

I have been super into tassels lately and my bedroom was the perfect place to add some since it needed color. I saw a tutorial on Design Love Fest and pinned it for later. That pin came in handy when I went to tackle this project a few weeks ago. Tassels are easy to make and so instead of making them for just the four corners, I decided to add a bunch of them to two sides of the pillow. So first, I made a bunch of tassels using the tutorial in different colors of embroidery floss. Then, I laid them out in what order I wanted them to go in.

I used some bias tape to attach them together and then hand sewed the tassels to it.

Once that was complete, I made the pillow. The measurements I used were 12″ x 18″. When I got to the sides where the tassels would go, I just sewed the bias tape right into the seam. Super simple!

The fabric is from Joann’s and it’s by Dwell. Really, this project looks harder than it is, it was super simple. I promise!! Just make your millions of tassels while you are watching TV :)

One step closer to a completed bed set. I will get there. Just in time to change it up again! Haha!

It’s really bothering me that I didn’t adjust the lampshade to make it straight before I took this photo. Oh well…

A funny side note. I made this pillow 2 or 3 weeks ago. Just yesterday I saw this sheet set at Anthropologie. I don’t remember seeing it before. That doesn’t necessarily mean I didn’t, I just don’t remember it. I thought it was funny that I made pretty much the same thing without meaning to. So if you don’t want to go to all the trouble of making one, you could buy something similar at Anthro.

One down… a few more to go :)

And speaking of pillows… doesn’t this one from Urban Outfitters remind you of the recent pillow I made for my living room?! I think so :)

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Sewing: Pillow From A Jacket

Whew! Last week was ca-razy! We had a women’s retreat at church on Friday and Saturday which meant I was working on it all week last week. I kept hoping I would be able to sneak in some time for blogging but the week was packed. This week, I’m still trying to get my head on straight but I am getting there :) I should have some photos to share with you soon of the party and how I decorated it. With all the recent hustle and bustle, I’m kind of glad there is a holiday tomorrow! That means we can just veg out. Ahhh… How great that sounds!

It’s been a couple of week ago now but I made a pillow for my living room out of a jacket. I mentioned in a Thrift Finds post a while back that I found a cool jacket that I wanted to turn into a pillow and I finally got around to doing it. I forgot to take a before photo of the jacket so I took a picture of it afterwards, once I had already cut out the back, but you get the idea. Here it is…

When I saw it at Goodwill I immediately loved the pattern but I knew that it was something I would never wear. I have been wanting a pattern like this for my living room though, so it came home with me. When I’m thrifting I always look at clothes for the fabric as well as for something to wear. If you see a skirt or jacket with fabric you like, it might just work for a sewing project :)

And the after… I don’t usually crowd chairs by putting a million pillows on them but I really liked the graphic punch of the pattern with the stripes. Plus, no one really sits there anyway :)

I gave it a bit more pizzazz by adding some velvet trim that I had been saving for just the perfect project. Turns out, this was the one and I really like the added color it provides.

Not bad for a $4 jacket!

All this talk of thrifting makes me want to go find some more treasures. And I think I shall!

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July! As usual, I’m spending my holiday evening at the lake and I excited for it. In my opinion, the only cure for the heat of the South is a lake or a pool. And I have every intention of enjoying myself and staying cool :)

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Sewing: Double Sided Napkins

Whew! What a busy week it has been around here! Remember how I told you I am redoing our windows outside? Well, it has been quite the project and I have been working on it non stop. Which has caused any other fun projects to fall by the wayside. This week I was especially working against a deadline because I had to remove all the panes in the large window in the kitchen. For 3 days we didn’t have any glass in our window. We kept covering it with plastic through the night to hopefully keep out the bugs. Once the panes were removed, I had to clean up the window, prime the frame, and put them back in. I thought putting them back in would be the easy part. Oh no. I was having trouble putting the glazier’s points back in place without breaking the glass. Not to mention I had already broken some panes while taking them out, now I was breaking them when replacing them. I ended up breaking 10 panes out of 24 and had to order some new glass. We are now waiting on the last four panes to be cut to size and we will pick them up and I can install them. And I hope I don’t break anymore :) Thankfully, glass is cheap. What a project this has turned into! Good news though, this should be the only window that I actually have to remove the panes from. This particular window had mildew under the glass which is why I had to remove them all so I could clean it up. None of the other windows have that problem. I am so thankful for that or I would start to feel very discouraged. Instead, I am envisioning how nice it will all look when it is done :)

Today is the first day all week I have taken a break from my window project. You can imagine how dirty the house was (especially the kitchen) after a week of sanding and paint scraping. So today was house cleaning day. It’s probably one of the few times that cleaning was fun. It allowed me to put my project on pause and boy was I ready for a break! So now that the house is on its way to being clean, I figured I would blog and try and get caught up here too.

Enough rambling… let’s move forward onto more exciting topics. Like napkins. Surely that is more exciting, right?!

Several weeks ago I saw some napkins at Target that were double sided. I thought they were so cute and I couldn’t get them out of my mind so I decided to make some of my own (big surprise!). I gathered some fabrics from my sewing room and got to work. I figured I would make it easy and keep them small. I made the pattern 12 x 12 and used a scrapbook paper as a template.

I cut out squares from each of my fabrics using my pinking shears, cutting 2 different fabrics for each napkin.

Next, I placed them in pairs, right sides together and sewing around all four sides except for a few inches in the middle on one side. You can kind of see it in the photo where I left it open.

Then I snipped the corners and turned it right side out and ironed it flat.

Lastly, I ironed the opening to match the rest of it and then sewing all around the outside, sewing the opening shut. Super easy, right?!

I wanted to use lots of different prints for fun. Look how cute they are!

Stripes and florals together are wonderful.

Since they are double sided, when I create a place setting I want both sides to show. Here is how I used them. Fold the bottom up first…

Then flip it over and fold one side over.

Then fold the other side over and flip it back to the front.

Ta-da! You have created a little pocket for the silverware. And, even better, you can show off both patterns at the same time.

I think they all look pretty cute :)

I have already used them when we had some friends over last week. And the best part is, since none of them match, it’s easy to add more to my collection if I end up needing more than 8. Even though I completely adore stripes, I think my favorites are the floral on floral. So fun!

And that concludes my week. One of these days I will get around to posting my Instagram photos again. I sort of can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted them. I haven’t even been taking very many of them lately. I guess when you are doing the same thing every day (i.e. scraping paint), there isn’t much new to report :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I know I will because I am taking the whole weekend off from my windows. I’m not even going to think about them :) Haha!

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Shiny Tiny Rhiny

Weird title, I know, but hang in there with me and you will understand where it’s coming from :)

I had a great weekend. Jason had Thursday through Monday off and I had Saturday off (Saturday is the only day I work) and so we enjoyed it! Yesterday we had a wonderful day with friends and family and it was good to have some much needed time off. Especially for Jason. I wasn’t ready for him to go back to work today. Plus, that meant that I had to get back to work here at home to. And believe me, I have been working. This is what I have been working on for the past week and a half:

All of our windows from the outside look terrible. Really terrible. The one shown above isn’t even the worst one. And, maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but they have looked bad since we moved in 6 years ago. This year, I finally had enough and decided to start tackling this project. I knew it would be a big job, and it is. I have been scraping and scraping. But I’m hoping to get the bottom back windows done before the weather turns really hot and the humidity sets in because they are the worst. That’s my goal :) Thankfully, now I am armed with a heat gun and it is going much faster! I have to scrape all the windows down, including the glazing, clean them, re-glaze them, primer them, and then paint. I’m still on the scraping part. It could be a while. I have 5 scraped and 15 left (but only 3 more to reach my goal of the back bottom windows) See why I’ve been putting it off for so long?! Yikes!

Anyway, just thought I would fill you in on what I’m up to. Now on to something more exciting: Shiny Tiny Rhinies…

I’ve been wanting a rhino for my wall. Especially the rhino from West Elm. I think they are so cute and when I visited a West Elm earlier in the month I got to see them in person and then I really wanted one. But, the price tag stopped me in my tracks. $99-$199 was not in my wallet at the time and so I got to thinking… Can I? Is it possible to DIY one of these guys? Yes, I think I can :)

I started thinking of how this might work and I was fully expecting this to be a project that went straight into the garbage in failure but surprisingly, it worked. The funny thing is, I had pinned a couple of different photos of DIY animal heads (here and here) but I hadn’t even looked at their tutorials. But it must have sparked a thought that it could be done. Later, I looked up the other tutorials and it ended up that I pretty much did the same thing as this one without even realizing it. And here I thought I was being so clever :)

First, I crumbled up a bunch of paper and sort of molded into the shape I wanted. Using duct tape, I secured it together.

I know, it doesn’t really look like a rhino yet, does it?!

After all of my paper was in place, I duct taped the whole thing so it was nice and secure.

Hmmm… starting to look better. Since this project took me several days, Jason would check in on me and ask me how my tiny rhiny project was going. And that is how it got the name Tiny Rhiny.

After Tiny Rhiny was all taped up, I used Mod Podge and more strips of the white paper to cover it like paper mache.

I did many layers and had to wait for it to dry each time which is why it took me several days.

After several layers I decided it was time for paint. I brushed on several coats of paint and then I also spray painted several coats with a gloss paint. That was how it became Shiny Tiny Rhiny.

And then, after all that work, I hung him up in Jason’s office.

He is on the wall kind of by the couch and when Jason is sitting on the couch he faces the rhino because he likes to sit sideways with his feet up.

The other day I walked down there when Jason was in the room and he said, “hey, there’s a shiny tiny rhiny in my office.” Ya, we’re dorks like that :)

I had so much fun making it and I was so surprised that it turned out so well, now I am wanting to make more. Although, I admit, there are only so many animals I need on my walls. If I think of another spot to put one, I might end up making another. A different animal though. West Elm has a really cute hippo that I like too :)

Or maybe instead of just the head I could try a whole animal. That would be crazy. I just might do it :)

One of my favorite things is how the white looks against the dark wall. Which is why I chose to hang it in this room. It looked way too cool to put him anywhere else :)

And that’s the story of our Shiny Tiny Rhiny. What do you think?!

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A Pool Noodle In My Boots

I’m not going to lie… I did not come up with this idea on my own. I have seen it many places including Pinterest and I thought it was such a great idea that I had to share it with you all. This amazing idea involves pool noodles and boots. Random, right?

Does anyone else have the problem that your tall boots won’t stay upright when you have them stored in the closet? Happens to me all the time. They flop all over the place and it drives me crazy. I sort of end up just blindly tossing them in the closet and it makes it even worse. And then I saw this wonderful idea and I knew it was meant for me!

Here’s a little glimpse into my closet of my floppy boots:

To fix this little problem, I bought a couple of pool noodles from the Dollar Tree. It was the cheapest place I could find them and they worked just as I had hoped.

I shoved one in my boot and cut it at the top of the boot with scissors so it fit inside just right.

Then I took out the cut one and cut another to the same size for the other boot.

And by golly, it worked! My boots now stand on their own! I was able to get 3 individual boots (not pairs) to stand up from one noodle. Of course that all depends on the height of your boots.

And my closet? Well, it’s happy :)

No more floppy boots! They stand straight up now and I can actually get to them easier. Just in time for summer when I no longer wear them :) Oh well, I will get to admire this genius idea next winter when I start wearing them again. Happy closet, happy girl!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. For some reason I have been feeling uninspired to blog. I have been doing lots of projects which has been keeping me really busy, but I just haven’t felt like blogging about it. Part of the reason is I’ve been spending lots of time working outside with the weather being so wonderful and when I come in I’m not in the mood to sit at my computer. But, the good thing is, lots of things have been getting done around here, inside and out. So, when I’m passed this blogging slump, I will have lots to post about :) Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy Wednesday!!

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