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Blogging The New Year

The time has come around again. Another new year. Another fresh start. I love that nothing in my life has changed except for the calendar going from 2011 to 2012, yet it feels like it’s the right time to make changes. To re-evaluate. To make new goals. I really love that.

Last year I mentioned my philosophy about my blog. To refresh, my goal is this: to blog original content. The reason? Because I want to document my life, house, creative journey, etc. Last year one of my goals was to blog more regularly. I think I did a pretty good job of that. I blogged almost every weekday (238 blog post last year!). Not too shabby. But I realized something. It’s too much for me. It works for some people (I’m not sure how because it’s a lot of work, but it does work for some people!). Not for me. I have too many other pursuits that I can’t realistically blog every single weekday and actually have worthwhile content. I gave it a good shot, I did it for a year but now it’s time to step back a little.

I’m still planning on blogging regularly. Hopefully no more of the sporadic stuff that I started with for the first few years. But this year, guess what? I’m going to blog for me. Last year, because I was trying to blog too much, I realized I was blogging for you. I was trying to post things that I thought other people would be interested in. But this year, I’m blogging what I am interested in. I’m blogging for me. In reality, it might not even seem that different to you readers. But it will feel different to me. Last year I got so caught up in trying to please people that I forgot why I was blogging. This year, instead of hurrying to come up with something at the last hour and then quickly making something, I am simply going to document life. I’m still hoping I will end up blogging a few times a week but I’m not going to hold to it. I am only going to blog if I have something to share. Okey-dokey?

Having said all of that, I want to make it clear that no one has ever said anything to me that makes me feel not good enough or that they didn’t like what I was posting. It was a standard that I had set for myself of wanting to be better. And it’s okay to want to be better, I just realized that I need to want to be better for me and not only hoping to please others. In fact, I think I have the best blog readers in the world because I have never had a negative comment. I don’t get a ton of comments on this blog and I’m okay with that because at least none of them are bad! So thanks everyone, for keeping this a positive place! And thank you for continuing to read even though I change my mind every other day about what I want the blog to be. Thanks for hanging in there!

So, I’m super excited for this next year. I always love a fresh start. I get a burst of energy just thinking about it. About all of the stuff I want to do and accomplish. I have a new goal list and since today is already the second, I have started it. So far so good :)

We have been working on a new project here at the house. I have a little sneak peek for you. Can anyone guess what room this is? I haven’t showed it to you in a long time…

It’s coming along. We still have a bunch of stuff to do but we are working away at it, quite frantically really :) By the end of the week I should have more photos for you!

So Happy New Year to you all!! Do you have any goals for this coming year? And what do you think about my new blogging strategy?

P.S. Be sure to check out Kellie Dykast Photography for a new post!!

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A New Name, A New Look

Today is an exciting day for me! Some of you may have noticed that we have done a little blog update. It has been in the works for quite sometime and we have finally finished and you can now see the new look! When I say “we”, I actually mean my husband since he is the one that has actually done all of the hard work. I just got to do the fun stuff like design the floral header and choose slightly different colors. Mostly though, the new format largely only affects me since we are now using a different blog platform and it is way cooler and easier to use. It feels like a holiday for me!!

A couple things to note… We are no longer using “” and have switched entirely to “”. This is for a couple of reasons. Number one, we never updated in its previous state (I mean n-e-v-e-r) and I use scraplog almost everyday. Now the title is shorter and easier to give out and remember. Secondly, I started scraplog to show pictures of my scrapbook pages but it became much more beyond scrapbooking so the title no longer fit. I mulled over new titles for quite some time and decided to just keep as the blog address and then title my blog the girl on the go. So, if you use Google Reader or something like it, don’t forget to change your subscription to If you do end up going to, it will just redirect you to If you are using Google Reader, go to the blog here and check it out, let me know what you think!

Why the girl on the go? That is a nickname that Jason calls me. He says I am constantly going from one thing to another and I thought it was appropriate to title my blog that since I document all of my crazy ways here on the blog. I actually really like the new title and I feel like it encompasses all I do. What do you think of it?

Another cool thing that is coming is tags. At the top of the blog you can see a new tab called Tags. This is still a work in progress because I have to manually go through and tag all previous posts but soon you will be able to click on Tags and then choose what you want to view. For example, if you want to view all DIY posts, you can! Yay! I know this is a feature that I use all the time on other blogs so I wanted you to be able to enjoy that feature as well. I’m also having to update the Freebies tab and the About tab so bear with me while I get all of this stuff finished.

If you notice anything crazy going on, please let me know! We want to make sure we have all of the bugs worked out :)

Change is in the air. Even though it is a small thing, it makes me excited. How about you?

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Introducing Our Guest Contributor

I am super excited to introduce our guest contributor today! Some of you may have guessed who it is but if you haven’t, I am pleased to announce that… (drum roll please) my Mom will be joining us!!

For those of you who don’t know, my Mom’s name is Sheri and she is super awesome! You can read more about her here. It’s going to be nice having another contributor around here because although we like a lot of the same things, we definitely have our own styles so now you will get a broader range of ideas. But, I must confess, you will definitely still get to witness the power of spray paint because we both are firm believers in it!

Now for a little bit of background info. A few years ago my parents sold almost everything they had (including their home and business) in Oregon in order to move to Brazil. So far, they have been unable to get a permanent visa so they bought a house here in Tennessee (just 1.5 miles from me!) and live here for about 6 months out of the year and the other 6 months in Brazil. I have been super blessed to have them out here with me since I thought when we moved here 4.5 years ago that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to live near them again. We have been making the most of our time together doing what we love, projects, thrifting, decorating, you name it. And now we get to share it all with you! Plus, the business that they owned in Oregon for 30+ years was a cabinet shop and so my Dad can make just about anything with wood. Just wait until you see all that they have been up to! The house they bought here was in need of a lot of work and they have been putting a bunch of love into it so there are lots of projects to share.

Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad from a couple of years ago so you can know who is behind the posts:

mom and dad

Sheri will be posting a little bit later today so make sure to comment on her first post and give her lots of blog love!

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2011: A Fresh Start

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. I mean, aren’t they just for breaking anyway? But I have been thinking a lot about my goals for this year and I’ve been really excited about having a fresh start. A brand new year and the possibilities are endless. I have a long list started with ideas and goals, resolutions if you will, and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything turns out. One of my goals I have already put into practice, can you tell? That’s right, one of them is to blog more often :)

sandy feet

Here is my philosophy about my blog. I try to keep my content to things that I produce. That’s not to say that I never post about things that I have seen here and there around the web. It’s just that there are so many blogs that gather and post inspiration from other places that I don’t need to do that as well. Not to mention, these other blogs (which I love and follow by the way) do it way better than I ever could. So, I try to mostly post about projects that I have done.

With that said, that is why I am usually not able to post everyday. I simply don’t have that many projects going all at once. I don’t want it to become boring with repeating the same things so I just post when I have something to share. This is the reason for long breaks between posts.

I am trying to fix this problem. My goal is to start posting multiple times a week. I’m not promising that I will post everyday, but I will try and post at least 3 times a week. I have some ideas to make this happen and I think I can get there. Please be honest with me if it starts to get boring!

One way I am going to make it happen is I am bringing on a contributing writer. I’m super excited about this and I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. She will be starting soon (hopefully next week) and I will introduce her to you then.

Another one of my goals is to write more and better tutorials for the projects I do. I realize that I suck at tutorials. I have never been good at explaining things and to write down explanations is even worse for me. I know this and I’m trying to get better. For some reason last week it clicked with me that I live with someone who is an expert at explaining things and I don’t utilize it! So I chatted with my husband, and he is willing to help me write tutorials. Yay! I’m hoping this will make it easier on you to complete some of the projects I post.

If you can’t tell, I’m really trying to make my blog better! But… I need your help. I want to know what you like and don’t like and if you have any ideas that I haven’t thought of that would make it better. So I have created a survey and it would help me so much if you would take the time to fill it out. It’s short, less than 10 questions. Please, please, pretty please would you answer it? It’s anonymous and I would be ever so grateful. Do you want to hear me beg some more? I’m not above that :)

To take the survey, click here

And lastly, I wanted to say thank you to all of my readers. I’m so thankful for each of you and the time you take to read and see a little bit of my world.

P.S. don’t forget the giveaway! Just a few days left :)

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2011 Calendar

The previous two years I have made a calendar and sold it in my shop. This year, I was lazy (actually I just ran out of time) and didn’t make one to sell. When I told my Mom, she was disappointed because she always takes one with her no matter where they are and it reminds her of me (my parents live in Brazil for half of the year). Even after she told me that, I still didn’t make any plans to make one, after all, they are a lot of work! But then Christmas rolled around…

My Mom and I decided to exchange handmade Christmas presents this year. The calendar idea popped into my head but by the time I thought about it, I didn’t have much time left to actually create it. So I started looking through my files hoping something I already designed would work and I ran across the designs from my Christmas mini book kit. I started working with them, I mostly just changed the colors. Here is a peek:

2011 calendar 1

I chose to use lots of bright, fun colors and combinations. I’m happy with the way it turned out and just might have to print one for myself.

2011 calendar 2
2011 calendar 3
2011 calendar 4
2011 calendar 5
2011 calendar 6

Can you see how it is perforated? After my Mom is done with the month, she can tear off the top, fold it in half and use it as a card. I also included some envelopes for her. If I make a calendar next year I think I will make them perforated. I thought it was such a genius idea that I came up with until I started looking around online and I realized other people have already done it. I guess there really is nothing new under the sun!

Since I will be making another just like it for myself, I thought I would also make one for a giveaway. Just leave me a comment and I will enter you in for a drawing to win one of these calendars. I will post the winner next Monday so you have until Sunday night, January 9th to enter. Good luck!!

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Hello, and welcome to my little blog! What started out as a blog to show some of my scrapbook pages ended up being a blog that shows all of my projects, ranging from scrapbooking to decorating to sewing to photography. I also run a little online shop called every jot & tittle where I sell handmade paper products. Take a look and leave me a comment to say hi! (Photo by Heather Smith.)

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