Club House Dining Room

As I was giving a tour of the living room a couple of weeks ago, you probably caught a glimpse of the dining room as well. It would be hard not to since they are connected. The dining room is open to the kitchen and living room and I am very thankful for this space. We like to entertain and if it weren’t open to the other rooms, it would make it very hard to have people over in a space this small. Just a reminder, here is the floor plan again so you can see how the dining room fits in.

club-house floor plan2

When we redid the kitchen floors, we noticed that the wall between the kitchen and dining room used to extend all the way across and only left space for a door. I’m so glad that this wall was taken out at some point because it left us with open space that makes it feel roomier than it actually is! Here is the dining room before:


The only changes this little room got was paint, furniture, a new fixture, and curtains! Easy peasy.

dining during

During all of our remodeling work, the dining room looked like this! A disaster! We set up some storage units that held pretty much all of our kitchen stuff while we worked on the kitchen cabinets. Once the kitchen was done, I was so glad to see this thing go. It always felt really cluttered and messy.

And now, this is what it looks like today:

dining 1

Light and bright! Just the way I like it!

dining 2

It was terribly sad though… we had to cut down my table. It was just too big for this space and so our only choices were to get rid of it or to cut it. I chose to cut it since I wasn’t ready to part with it yet. It still makes me sad to see it now when I still remember how cool it was when it was much longer. But at least I still have it!

dining 3

Since the dining room is a pass through, we keep the table next to the window which is awesome because I can see what’s happening in my neighborhood while I eat :) When we have company over, we just pull the table into the center of the room and add another chair, which normally resides at a desk in the guest room.

The great thing is, when we have more people over, we just add our card table to the end and some more chairs and we can seat 10 people. We have already put this to the test and it worked great!!

The curtains are the same as the ones in the living room. I wanted them to match since they are so close to one another.


On the other side of the room we have our new-to-us china hutch. I found it at a thrift shop for $75 and it was so perfect for this room. I needed some more storage but couldn’t have anything that stuck out very far. It’s still in the plans to paint it but I will save that for a winter project when I can no longer work on outside stuff. I’m excited to freshen it up.

hutch 2

Another very sneaky thing is this plant. Not only is it nice to add a bit of green, but it also hides our wireless router and modem. You can see the light if you look closely.

hutch 3

On top of the hutch I keep my KitchenAid mixer. We use it quite often and usually Jason gets it down for me when I need it but I also stand on a chair to reach it if he’s not around. Since it takes up so much space, it really is the best place to keep it and I don’t mind it up there. It’s better than taking up my precious counter space :)


And lastly, our chandelier. I am completely in love with this vintage brass chandelier that I found at Scott’s. I had really, really wanted a vintage brass lotus fixture (like this one) and could not find one. Believe me, I spent a ton of time internet searching! Besides, I probably couldn’t have afforded one even if I did find one! So, when I spotted this one, it was love at first sight since it was sort of the chandelier version of what I had been looking for. It’s a bit quirky and just what I needed. Plus, it was only $120. Definitely a steal (I think!) but it was the most expensive fixture we ended up buying for this house.

When I bought it, Jason quickly hung it up to provide us some much needed light, just temporarily, until I could give it a little bit of attention and we have yet to take it down and give it the attention it needs. Really I just need to clean it and bend it a bit but I haven’t gotten around to it. And maybe add a few more light bulbs :) I will show you better photos of it when I actually take the time to work on it!

And that completes our dining room tour! We are closing in now on the tour of our little house. Just a couple of rooms left!