Club House Living Room Part 2

Are you eager to see the reveal of the living room? Looking at these photos makes me happy because I realize how far we have come. And I remember how long we were living in chaos and I’m so glad to be done with that part! But I also realize how much more I want to do and that’s fun too. Because if I didn’t have projects, I would get bored. So as I show you around, I will mention some of my ideas for improvements.

living 1

Man, I love this room. It feels happy to me. It has always been a dream of mine to have an all white house. This is the first time I have had one and I love it even more than I thought I would. I know that it’s not for everyone but it is for me :)

living 2

Much of the furniture is new to us because we needed smaller scale furniture. Because I like change, I tried to keep the furniture neutral so I can switch things up easily. A few new pillows and rug and the room would look so different. How fun is that?!

brass table

Because the room is small, I decided not to have a coffee table. I didn’t want it to feel cluttered. I was already trying to squeeze in a loveseat, 2 chairs, and a desk! Because there is no coffee table, I knew I wanted a sofa table for drinks and such. I found this vintage brass sofa table, just the right size, at a consignment shop. After having my eye on it for several months at the price of $75 I finally asked if they would take less and they gave it to me for $40! I’m so happy with it!


The globe was a garage sale find and it also came with us from the old house. There isn’t very many places to put knick knacks which is good, less dusting :) Jason just brought that African Violet home for me the other day and I still need to plant it in a more permanent container and I have just the perfect one!

living 3

Now you can see our light fixture from the old house. I love it in this room, even better than the last place it hung!


Our loveseat… it was a vintage find and I think another post will have to be written about it. We realized when we were moving that a sofa really is too big for this room so we sold our previous vintage couch and bought a loveseat. It was a good move, a longer couch would have cramped the room.

couch 2

I made the pillows using a tea towel (orange one) from Target and the other was a napkin from World Market. I really love the fabrics and was able to make all 4 pillows in the living room for about $10 because I already had the inserts and I got the zippers from Goodwill. Not too shabby!

living 4

I spent major time searching for chairs for this room. I really just couldn’t decide. I was vacillating between leather and linen and after finding my dream leather chairs which were waaaaay out of budget, I decided to go the cheaper route and I got these chairs from World Market on a killer sale for $150 each. I’m really glad this is the direction I chose though (although sometimes I still dream of the leather chairs!) and I think they fit in the living room really well. The pillow on the right is the same fabric from a napkin as on the couch and the pillow on the left was also a napkin from World Market.

The fireplace is fine for now but I envision a chunkier mantel, maybe made of wood to warm it up a bit. And I really want to do something with the hearth. I have some ideas but so far, I haven’t implemented any yet :)

chairs and pillow

The buttons were the selling point for me :) I wasn’t too crazy about the legs of the chair though, one of these days I might change them to something like this.


When we lived in our other (larger) house, I always felt like I could use more plants. But when we moved to a smaller house, the plants that I brought with me ended up everywhere! I didn’t have enough places to put them. So, for a long time, they all crowded together on the mantel. Now, they are a bit more spread out but those that are still on the mantel love it there. I have never seen them so happy! The diy shiny tiny rhiny came with us and he makes his home here, looking out over the living room.

living 5

This is my chair. The place where I routinely find myself in the evenings. I got the curtains from Ikea and the magazine basket from TJ Maxx. After looking obsessively for at least a month for a floor lamp and not liking how much they cost, I found this one at an antique store for $15 and I love it. The little brass and marble side table was also from an antique store. It’s kind of hiding in this photo but it’s really cute and the perfect size for this room.

gallery wall

My gallery walls are always a work in progress. While I have added a few new things to it, most of the artwork came straight from the old house or there is no artwork, just an empty frame :) This is a project that is on my to do list and I actually started seriously thinking about it the other day. I really need to get on it!

The console table used to be in our previous bedroom, my dad made it for us. The boxes also were there. Currently, the boxes are great because they provide storage but they aren’t sturdy enough to sit on which is what I ultimately would like. So, we are discussing our options and trying to decide if we should (could?) reinforce them or buy something new. Everything in a small house needs to pull double duty so they really should provide storage, extra seating, and be able to be used as a footstool if it were a perfect world!


This is one of those things that make me smile. I brought these horse bookends with us and, in the midst of unpacking, my husband put it here to use as a stand for my wireless headphones as they recharge. So cute :)

living 6

The lamp was a Target clearance find and the lampshade I already had. The faux fern came with us and I often get asked if it is real.

living 6

Another shot of the light fixture. I really wanted ceiling medallions for each room and I wanted to keep them small but for this particular one, since the shade is so large, I wish I would have gone a bit larger. Oh well :)

living 7

One last overhead shot. My happy little living room.

Wow! Who knew it would take so many photos for such a small space?! I hope you enjoyed the little tour. Up next I have plans for posts about the couch and the dining room. So don’t give up on me yet :)