Surprise Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago, along with some friends, I was involved in throwing a surprise birthday party for a friend. It was awesome because she never suspected and we all had a blast surprising her :) My part in the party was the decor and I have some photos to share with you all.

I chose black and white with touches of gold for the theme. Originally, I was going to do black and white stripes but I had a hard time finding enough striped things (who knew?!) and so I threw in polka dots as well. I loved the simplicity of the color scheme mixed with the patterns. Super fun!

black and white party

I made a striped runner from fabric I found at Ikea. I have been wanting a chance to make a runner like this and it was the perfect opportunity! I found the small gold frames at the Dollar Tree and labeled all of the foods on the table. This shot was taken before all the food was laid out but you get the idea.

black and white decor

I ran a length of gold ribbon down the center and added some gold confetti that I punched out from gold paper in two different sizes.

black and white party decor

For the cups, I bought plain white paper cups and drew on them with either a black sharpie or a gold paint pen using all different patterns. I made 80 different cups and it was rather fun :) The polka dot napkins are from Hobby Lobby and I used gold plates also from Hobby Lobby.

black and white party decor

The party was at a friend’s house and they have a super long table which was perfect for the food. For the candle jars, I bought them at the Dollar tree and sprainted the gold stripes/polka dots onto them.

paper flowers

I made a bunch of paper flowers and hung them in the chandelier. This was my favorite part of the whole party decor!! I used kraft mailing paper for the petals, black tissue paper for the center along with some moss. Then I gave them a light dusting of gold spraint for a bit of sparkle which you could see IRL but it’s hard to tell in the photos. I followed this tutorial to make them and they were super easy.

happy birthday banner

More flowers :) I free handed the letters for the banner, cut them out and strung them with baker’s twine.

black and white party decor

I made a bunch of flags to wave for when she arrived. They all said different things like party, hooray, celebrate… you get the idea :) I made them out of fabric attached to a skewer and drew on them with a gold paint pen. Can you tell that I love gold paint pens?!

black and white party decor

I also made a bunch of blank cards and people wrote on them for the birthday girl. I used glitter paper and made it into tape to secure the card to a piece of cardstock.

black and white party decor

For the favors, I bought polka dot tissue paper and cut squares then folded them to make an envelope. Then, I put a cookie in them (I put them in a plastic bag first) and sealed them with a glitter heart.


And last but not least… the cake! I did not make the cake, a very talented friend did. But isn’t it gorgeous? The gold layers sparkled and the effect was perfect. The paper flowers were made by The Paper Pimpernel.

So there you have it, a black, white, and gold birthday party. I love how the decor turned out but even better was that it blessed our friend and that we pulled off the surprise. It was a success :)