Our Bedroom

Last time I posted, I shared a little peek into our bedroom in the form of my jewelry cabinet. Still running on that vein, I thought I would reveal the rest of the bedroom. It’s actually the most finished room in the house. There are other rooms that are getting close, but the bedroom is actually pretty much done. It feels nice to have at least one completely functional room :)

bed 1

I really, really love our bedroom. It feels so bright and airy to me and I love waking up to the crispness of the white walls and bright light coming in through our window.

bed 2

So, our room is tiny. I mean, what do you expect with an 800 square foot house?! It’s only a 9’6″ x 9’6″ space (not including the closet area) and that means there isn’t room for much else beyond a bed. But that’s okay, it’s just for sleeping anyway.


This is my side of the bed. I created this little nightstand with some leftover wood from our counter tops and some shelf brackets from Ikea. It works really well because it’s shallow enough that the closet doors can still open all the way.

bed 3

The room is small, the closet is small. So far, only my clothes fit in it and Jason keeps his in the guest room closet. We hope to fix that someday by have a better system in the closet but for now, it works.

bed 4

I still am in love with our duvet cover that we got last year from West Elm. I like it even better in this room with the white walls than in our previous room with its dark walls. The lamps and the plant made the move with us, I had them at our previous house in various rooms.

And check out our library now! Before we had a room that we called the library and while we’ve never been ones to have a ton of books around, now we’ve really pared down. What you see on that shelf is literally all of the books we own! I even have my cookbooks up there now but they will eventually be in the kitchen. Crazy!! The shelves were from our old house, they used to be in the dining room.


I got the dark gray pillows on clearance at Target. I also added the new throw pillows which were another Target clearance find. I love the clearance isles at Target, can you tell?!


Just throwing this in there for fun… I betcha didn’t know that my cat was sleeping here the whole time I took these photos! It’s one of her favorite hideouts. Either there or she burrows under the duvet cover when she’s really cold :)

The wool army blanket came with us from our previous room too. I had been searching for a gray one for too long to leave it behind. Plus, come summer, the duvet will have to go and the army blanket will be our only covering.

nightstand 2

On Jason’s side of the bed I used the end table I had in our old house in the living room. I had found it at a yard sale for $5 and put a fresh coat of white paint on it and brought it with us. The painting was also a thrift store find and again, it used to be in our old living room.

bed 5

I love the curtains, they came from Ikea. I love that they add just a subtle stripe to the room. Our bedroom faces the backyard. Thankfully, we don’t have any neighbors behind us for miles so we are able to live without a window blind. We keep our curtains open all the time and I love it!

bed 6

More Target clearance finds: the basket, which we use as a hamper, an the runner which I think I got for $11! Just small amounts of color in this room make me happy :)

I also added the wall rack which used to be in our old guest room and I found at a garage sale for $.50! It works great right now for our hats and scarves. But I only hung the black, white, and gray ones. The rest are in the closet :)

bed 7

The vintage pendant light I found at an antique store for $35 and I was originally going to use it in the bathroom but I found something else for in there and then this one ended up in the bedroom and I really like it in the the room. The train rack used to be in our old master bathroom. For now, I have a few of my neutral purses on display.

bed 8

Do you see the strip of teal on the door? I covered it with Washi tape. Super easy, and super removable.

And that sums up our new room. Overall, even though it’s tiny, I love it way more than our previous bedroom. The wood floors are what I’ve always wanted and along with the white walls… ooh la la. Throw some ikat chevron stripes in gray and you pretty much have the room of my dreams :)

What do you think? Could you live with all white walls or do you need some color? What about the size? Is it something you think you can manage? Do share…