So Long, Farewell

Before you get too worried because of the title of this blog post, I will clarify. I’m not saying goodbye to this blog. I’m just saying goodbye to our old house. This will be the last post about it and then I will move on to all of the crazy happenings at the new house. I know it’s been forever since I posted and you all are probably ready for updates about the new house but I figured I needed one last post for record keeping sake. One more photo tour to show you all what it looked like before we started packing up and putting things in boxes. I took these photos right before our realtor came and took photos so the house is all picked up and sparkling clean. Pretty much anyway. Except for the basement. I think I cleaned it up a bit more after these photos were taken but it was never perfect. I mean, it’s a basement!! It’s supposed to be messy! Anyhoo… are you ready for picture overload?! Because that is what you are about to get!

Oh, the outside. There were so many ideas I had that I never did. And that’s okay, maybe the new owners will do them. We did refresh the mulch for the sale and it looked so nice. Amazing what a small thing like that does! It helps that it was a pretty time of year too. Plus, I bought some plants for the porch and the topiaries for the garage and I loved how they looked. I have since killed all of the potted plants because I have been too busy to take care of them. Sad day.

We finally got a new mailbox post. Our previous one was always leaning. One of the many projects we wished we had done ages ago! I tried as hard as I could to make it look good, but we finally just realized a new set was the way to go.

The back of the house. Look at my sparkling windows!! We did a ton of touch up painting on the outside and it was a lot of time and effort but it made it look so nice. It was worth it :)

Speaking of windows… remember my window project? Well, I finished it. It was a big job (I had been working on it since May!!) and I never want to do it again! After a few burns from the heat gun and cuts from the scraper I suppose they were worth it because they looked so nice when they were all done.

More of the backyard. You can see my little garden on the left side. It was sad to leave it because it was still producing. Hopefully the new owners got to enjoy it for a bit.

Another backyard view. The roof on the birdhouse had disintegrated and so Jason took the time to make a new roof and now it’s cute again.

Upon entering the house through the front door, this is what you would have seen. Kitchen ahead, stairs to the right, living room to the left, cat on the floor. The cat likes to follow me around while I take photos :)

Facing the front door in the entry. I loved the blue door. It was such a dark color that you couldn’t always tell it was blue. Sometimes it looked black. And actually, it started as white, then it became black, and it finished as being blue. So fun.

The living room and the gallery wall. I took most of the gallery wall with me because I still like it and I have just the perfect spot for it :) Plus, it took me a long time to collect all of the frames, I want to enjoy it a bit longer!!

We sold almost everything. Literally. I thought that it would be hard to see it go but it was actually very freeing. I only kept a couple of things from this room. I would have liked to have kept more but they wouldn’t fit in our new tiny house. And that’s okay; new treasures will be found for the new house. If you would like to see the progression of this room, check it out here.

The dining room. The table is definitely too big for our new house so I worked on some ideas with my Dad as to how we can make it smaller and work for our new space since I still love it so much.

I don’t know if you remember the pendant light fixture we had in this room previously but I wanted to take it with us for our new house so I quickly had Jason switch it out for me with this new (old) chandelier pictured above. It actually looked super cute in there and I kind of wanted to take that one with me too :) It was a chandelier that I found on the side of the road and brought it home, sprainted it white, and hung it up. So cute. And even farther back, does anyone remember the red chandelier that I had longer ago? It’s fun to see the changes. Check out the progression post to see all the changes made to this room, here.

Oh how I loved my kitchen. I really will miss this room. And all of its space! The sunny breakfast nook! And pull outs! The list goes on… If you want to see the progression of this room check out the posts here and here.

If you go up the stairs and look down, you will see the entryway. It went through several colors. Four colors to be exact. At one point it was bright red. Can you believe it?!

The famous stairway. When I posted about drawing on my walls I couldn’t believe how much traffic I got. And I still get comments about it at times. I wonder if the new owners will keep it…

I will also be missing my craft room :)

I will have to tell you about my chalkboard project in another post…

What a wonderful room it had been for me. A lot of stuff that showed up on the blog happened in this room.

On the other side of the hallway, my studio. This is where I did all of my work for Every Jot & Tittle (which is currently put on hold for the foreseeable future). I started out with my studio in the basement and moved up here last year. You can read some more about it in an old post here.

You’ve already seen the finished guest bathroom but I had to include it in the tour, right?! Plus this room has seen some changes as well. It used to be yellow. I loved it at first but ultimately, I like the mellowness of the gray better. I guess yellow isn’t so mellow now is it? At least not as mellow as gray. Haha, I’m a dork :)

The guest bath has two rooms joined by a doorway with no door. The shower and commode are in the second half. It was a nice big bathroom and I always loved that it was all white.

The guest bedroom. It has seen a bunch of changes along with the rest of the house. You can see some of them, here.

The other side of the guest room. I had to get rid of most of the big furniture. It was very sad because I loved it all.

I loved our bedroom with the dark walls. I really doubt the drawing will last on the wall for the new owners though. They have two boys and one of them will occupy this room. The drawing is a bit on the girly side.

In the new house our bedroom will have the same duvet cover but the room will have a different feel. I’m really excited about it. Again, as seen in the photo above, the cat likes to make her presence in our house known.

The other side of the master bedroom that didn’t get photographed very often. At one point I moved the colorful dresser from the guest bedroom into our room for more clothing storage. Now that feels like a joke to me because I had two closets and didn’t think it was enough and now we just have one itty bitty closet. I sold or gave away over half of my clothes for this new venture of ours. That was almost harder than getting rid of furniture!

Again, the master bath. I wish I would have painted that cabinet ages ago. But since it was wood for so long, I will always have that in my memory versus this new white (better) version.

Now moving downstairs… This is the view from the entryway looking downstairs. These stairs are located right next to the stairway leading upstairs.

This is a long narrow room with lots of doorways so it’s kind of hard to arrange. We never, ever sat in this chair. It was kind of off by itself.

Does anyone spy a kitty in this photo?!

We ended up moving our router and wireless box before we sold the house and it looked so much better. Another project I wished we had done years ago because it literally took 30 minutes to relocate it. Crazy…

I love this little black cabinet that a friend made for me. It fit so perfectly in that space. You can read a little more about it here.

The other side of the family room and a view of the fireplace. We never once used our fireplace. Can you believe that?! And see the t.v.? It is no more. We got sold all of our tv’s in the move. We didn’t ever have cable and we never watched regular t.v. Then, we aren’t even sure why, we both became more or less disinterested in movies as well. So our t.v. sat unwatched for months at a time. It seemed like a good idea to get rid of it. And neither one of us regret it.

Another angle. I carefully measured each and every piece of furniture that we had and made a small scale replica of everything so I could see how furniture would fit in our tiny house. No couches for me. Only a loveseat will work so I sold both couches we had. Whew! It’s a lot of work to downsize!

Another piece of furniture that has made its home with another family is the ottoman. It has gone through several different fabrics since we made it a few years ago. You can read about how we made it here.

On to the basement. The disaster zone! The basement is a rectangle shape but divided to create an office so the part that is unfinished makes an L shape. This is where we stored our stuff. You know, like paint cans and tools and such. Just stuff. Everybody has it, right?

This other part of our basement was our workout room. We are really missing our workout room. We faithfully workout everyday except for Sundays and so it gets a lot of use. But we have a plan for the new house and so far, it is working out (haha, pun intended!).

And yet another corner of the basement. I’m pretty sure that much of this space has yet to make an appearance on the blog even after 6.5 years of living here. This just might be its debut.

Jason’s office or as I like to call it, the library. This room is pretty much unchanged since I fixed it up last year as a surprise to Jason while he was out of town (read all about it: Before, 1, 2 3& 4, 5, 6, 7).

The other side of the library. We loved this room. It was very cozy. Especially during bad storms. We spent some time down here during tornado season :)

And the only other room to show is the laundry room which I just did a whole post about recently so I will just post one little photo to complete the tour. For those wondering, the laundry room is on the same level as the family room.

I just realized that I never took photos of the garage. Silly me! Not that it is very interesting to see but it is part of the house. That is another thing we really miss. We had never had a garage before and we got used to it and loved parking our car in there. Now that we don’t have one again, we’re scheming how we could someday add one on.

Well old friend, you have been a good house to us and we loved the years we spent there. And now it’s time to say so long, farewell…