The Completed Laundry Room

I still have a couple of posts that I would like to show you to wrap up our previous house before I move onto the new house. Seriously, with all of the work we have been putting in, the posts are just piling up. Now if I just had time to write them and edit/upload photos we would be in good shape. But I like to think that one of these days we will be back to normal and I can get all caught up!

When I was trying to figure out where to even start, I realized that I never post photos of the completed laundry room so I thought I would show them today. I showed you the progress of the laundry room (#1, #2, #3, and #4) back in January and then I left you hanging and moved onto other things. Silly me, I get easily sidetracked. So without further adieu; the room in which we wash our clothes:

If you opened the door to the room, this is what you would see. The floors are concrete and so I painted them with porch paint in black. The walls I painted Sherwin Williams Creamy. The runners (there are two of them together) are from Target and they were super cheap, I think $15 each but I got them on sale for $8 each. Our Target still has them if you are interested in having some for yourself.

The room is actually sort of divided into two rooms, the half bath and the laundry area but there isn’t a door in between. This part is the bathroom and we switched out the regular sized bath sink for a large laundry sink. I really loved having the large sink and I’m definitely going to miss that in our new house. At least we got to enjoy it for 6 months or so :) You can read more about the sink and how I scored it for free, here. The hand towel was from Target and the mirror came from who-knows-where. In other words, I can’t remember, I had it for a long time :) Way back in the day when we bought the house there used to be a recessed medicine cabinet over the sink. But it was ugly and I didn’t think it was necessary to have one in the laundry room so we removed it and I had Jason fill the hole for me. I like having a plain old mirror there better :)

The other side of the bath area. You can see these are tiny little rooms but they served their purpose well. These photos were taken shortly before we moved so I didn’t really have them styled. If we had stayed, I had some plans for curtains and other fun touches. It’s pretty bare bones at this point.

Onto the laundry area. Another unstyled room. I had big plans for it. It was going to be super cute. Oh well :) The rug in front of the washer was brought to me by my Mom from Brazil. The cabinet was made for Jason and I as a wedding present from my older brother 13 years ago. It’s gone through a couple of color changes and I think it looks pretty sharp in black. During painting, I had a mishap with one of the pulls and it broke. I tried to glue it back together but it didn’t work. In the new house, this cabinet will serve a different purpose and I have new pulls for it :)

And the inside of the door in the bath area. You can see close ups of the artwork I had on the walls in this old post.

When we started working on the laundry room in January, we didn’t know we were going to be selling the house. I’m so glad we started working on it then so we could at least enjoy it for the few months we had. And now, the new owners (hopefully) are enjoying it! It sure did come a long way, didn’t it?