Dream Big Journals & Invitations

Yesterday, I showed you the party decor from our slumber retreat at church. Today, I thought I would show you a few more details. As I mentioned, I made little journals for each attendee. They turned out so cute I just had to share them with you :) I also made invitations and figured I would show them off too. First up, the invites.

I like to call them invitations but really they are flyers. They had to include all of the information that the ladies would need. When I sat down to make them, I realized a simple invitation layout wouldn’t work, there was too much info. So I revised it a bit and made a different layout than a traditional invitation. Again, I took a bunch of inspiration from stuff I’ve pinned on Pinterest. After they were completed, I put them in a mini brown paper sack. They are so cute it kills me :)

I found the dream big stamp at Michaels. For the backside of the invitation, I added a fun patterned paper that was left over from the journals I made. Each one was different which made it even more fun!

The invitation/flyer. I really love how it turned out. The only thing I was bummed about was the title at the top could have been bigger. When you are working on a large computer screen it looks big and then you print it and it’s way smaller than you think. I normally do a print test but by the time I got to this point it was already midnight and I had to have them done by church the next morning. I always seem to work late at night. I really should get an earlier start next time :)

And for those of you who watch out for me (thank you by the way!), the address and phone number at the bottom is the church information which is already public online so I figured it didn’t matter if I posted it here.

Now, moving onto the little journals.

I started off with some thick pink-red chipboard for the cover. Each cover was different. Again, I used the dream big stamp from Michaels but this time I embossed it.

The first page had a spot for the date and a title if you wanted to add one. Each journal was different and that was part of the fun. It made it really fun for me to make them and I sort of got attached to them and wanted to keep them all :)

I put a handmade pocket in each of them. Fun, fun.

I also added a list paper of some sort. Again, each one was different.

I made tiny envelopes for each of them too. Most of them were made out of graph paper but there was a variety. I also added a little tab to one of the pages.

I bought all of the papers from Michaels. They are a variety of companies but I know I used some Cosmo Cricket and K & Co. I can’t remember the rest :)

More fun graph paper. I really love graph paper!

The stickers I added came from my own collection and I have had some of them for forever so I don’t remember where most of them came from. I do know that the one above is from K & Co.

There are 8 pages for each journal. The Top Secret is from Knock, Knock.

And lastly, the back cover. After I sorted all of the pages, I punched and spiral bound them using my Zutter Bind-it-all. I think spiral binding is so much easier to use than rings.

Whenever I throw a party I always make extra stuff just in case there are last minute people who want to come. That means, that I have several of these cute little journals left so I thought I would sell them in my Etsy shop. There are actually two sizes, you can see them here and here if you are interested. They are selling for $6 each.

And that brings my party planning to an end. At least for this event :) I already have an idea for the next one.  But first, I think I need a breather :)