Everyday Life: 04.27.12 – 06.21.12

It’s been so long since I’ve posted Everyday Life that I’m just going to do a recap rather than post all of the photos. That would be a really long post if I did that :) Even with taking over half out, it’s still a long post :) Ready? Here goes nothing…

Jason and I love smoothies. We put lots of yummy stuff in them and this one was particularly colorful. Bananas, yogurt, strawberries, red bell pepper, spinach, carrots, pineapple, peaches, and blueberries. Then, after they are all blended, I pour mine into popsicle molds and have frozen smoothies. Super tasty! My go-to for summer.

Another summertime staple around here… a frappuccino. Seriously can’t get enough…

Outfit photo. Blue and yellow. I love this color combo. It feels very bright and cheerful, doesn’t it?!

Mmmm, coffee cake. Jason makes the yummiest coffee cake and it doesn’t last long here at our house :)

Our car had to get a new transmission last month and so we drove around my parent’s Mini. It was fun but we couldn’t haul much :) We had to buy a board for my garden and this is how we took it home with us.

We’ve had some beautiful sunsets around here lately. The other night the sun was bright red. A photo doesn’t do it justice.

We took a little road trip. Before every road trip we take a photo. Love this one.

In May my parents returned home from Brazil. Oh happy day!

Yes, our very favorite time of the year. Half-price frappuccinos. We didn’t get one every day of the promotion but we definitely got our fair share :)

Another outfit. I love to wear skirts.

I have really been enjoying my hydrangeas this season. They are so beautiful and I have cut many for our kitchen island.

See?! Don’t they look beautiful?!

A photo of a photo. This is my Mom and me when I was young and she was getting me dressed for bed. It’s one of my favorite photos I have of my childhood.

We all love sleeping in. Not very often in the summer, but occasionally, the cat sleeps with us.

Um, ya, you all know how much I love Fro Yo. We go regularly and here is my bowl compared to my friend’s bowl. I like the rich flavors and she likes the fruity flavors. Mmmm… I could go for some right now!

Yellow skirt again, this time paired with stripes.

Colorful food is my favorite!

Just a sneak peek at a project I’m working on. I should be done by now but I had to put it away when we had guests and I haven’t gotten it back out again. Oops :)

More colorful food. I really love it when fruit is in season. I suppose that is one thing I enjoy about summer. And my new favorite thing right now? Steak tacos. I have never been a steak fan but when it’s sliced thin and put on a corn tortilla… now you’re speaking my language!

I’ve enjoyed the sun a bit this year. Trying to get rid of my pasty white legs :) And see that bunny in the background? How cool is that?! We were sunbathing together!

Pretty clouds. Love.

More stripes, this time I’m all ready to go to the lake. But no, I didn’t take the cat with me :)

And here I am, at the lake. So pretty!

Another smoothie. This time, it’s already blended. This one was a simple one with just strawberries and bananas and it was the prettiest color of pink and so I had to take a shot.

A photo from last Sunday. I took my Dad out for breakfast for Father’s day before church. I love spending time with him :)

I also had a birthday on Monday and my dear, sweet friend brought me a cupcake. It was so yummy and I ate the whole thing by myself :) Peanut butter cream cheese frosting on chocolate cake. Who can resist that?!

I read a blog post somewhere several years ago that the blogger always gets a new birthday dress. So I adopted this tradition as well and it’s super fun. Then, for the rest of the year, the dress feels special. I love it :)

So there you go. A quick (haha) recap of what has been happening in my world. Lots has been happening and now that summer is in full swing I’m sure the busyness has just gotten started!

Enjoy your weekend!!