A Pool Noodle In My Boots

I’m not going to lie… I did not come up with this idea on my own. I have seen it many places including Pinterest and I thought it was such a great idea that I had to share it with you all. This amazing idea involves pool noodles and boots. Random, right?

Does anyone else have the problem that your tall boots won’t stay upright when you have them stored in the closet? Happens to me all the time. They flop all over the place and it drives me crazy. I sort of end up just blindly tossing them in the closet and it makes it even worse. And then I saw this wonderful idea and I knew it was meant for me!

Here’s a little glimpse into my closet of my floppy boots:

To fix this little problem, I bought a couple of pool noodles from the Dollar Tree. It was the cheapest place I could find them and they worked just as I had hoped.

I shoved one in my boot and cut it at the top of the boot with scissors so it fit inside just right.

Then I took out the cut one and cut another to the same size for the other boot.

And by golly, it worked! My boots now stand on their own! I was able to get 3 individual boots (not pairs) to stand up from one noodle. Of course that all depends on the height of your boots.

And my closet? Well, it’s happy :)

No more floppy boots! They stand straight up now and I can actually get to them easier. Just in time for summer when I no longer wear them :) Oh well, I will get to admire this genius idea next winter when I start wearing them again. Happy closet, happy girl!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately. For some reason I have been feeling uninspired to blog. I have been doing lots of projects which has been keeping me really busy, but I just haven’t felt like blogging about it. Part of the reason is I’ve been spending lots of time working outside with the weather being so wonderful and when I come in I’m not in the mood to sit at my computer. But, the good thing is, lots of things have been getting done around here, inside and out. So, when I’m passed this blogging slump, I will have lots to post about :) Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy Wednesday!!