I’m not very good with plants. It’s something I am working to be better at because I really like to have them around at our house. I’m learning from trial and error and a lot of Google searching :)

I have noticed lately that all of my plants seemed to be getting worse. They had kind of quit growing and some of them were starting to die. I wasn’t really sure why because I was taking care of them in the same way that I always have. And then I realized, it’s probably because they needed to be repotted. And since that is the action I have taken, I hope I’m right :)

To tackle this project, I bought some dirt and brought all of my plants outside along with some new containers for them. I really only needed a few new larger ones because the smaller plants could be upgraded to the medium size while the medium size went into the new larger size. Here they are all lined up outside along with some of the new containers:

I gently removed them from their existing pots and freed the roots a bit. Some of them I found to be really root bound enforcing the thought that I might, indeed, be doing the right thing by repotting them. Then I planted them in their new container with new dirt, watering them with some fertilizer. And then I crossed my fingers :)

A few of them after. See how sad they look?! A week later and they are already starting to look better!

Once I finished repotting, I started dispersing them throughout the house. I try to rotate where they get placed because some spots get more light than others. This is the fun part, putting them in new places. While I’m on the subject of house plants, I thought I would take you on a tour of where I keep them in my home. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of them. Your guess is as good as mine!

In the breakfast nook. I recently found this citron colored pot at an antique store for $5. I LOVE the color. So fun. The one in the tiny pot is barely hanging on by a thread. It used to be bigger but I mostly killed it and then I saw this tiny little guy grow. Here’s hoping he keeps growing. This is the best spot in the whole house for light so I thought he would have the best chance there. These are my first succulents so I am still figuring out how to take care of them. Getting better all the time :)

You already saw this one in the recent kitchen tour. I had this bowl on hand that I wasn’t using and I thought it would be nice to add a pop of color. This ended up being one of my favs.

In the living room. I’ve had this plant for forever, it came with us from Oregon. It’s super easy to care for and I have gotten many new starts from it and planted them elsewhere as you will soon see. I originally got it from a start off a plant that my Mom had. This one I could tell a huge difference in since it was repotted. When I took it out of it’s previous container, it was so root bound there was hardly any dirt left!

I like to keep a few on my coffee table. The one on the left is a start from the plant above. The other two are from Ikea. I love to get my plants and pots from Ikea because they are so cheap and if I accidentally kill them I’m not out much.

In my entryway I have another start from the plant in the living room. This one is freshly picked and planted and doing really well.

Another start, this time in Jason’s office. It gets a lot of light here and has been there for several months. It’s a happy little guy!

This Ikea plant hangs out in the laundry room. You know the expression, out of sight, out of mind? That’s this little guy. Thankfully it doesn’t require much water because I forget about it a lot! And maybe that’s a good thing because then I don’t over water it :)

In the family room I have two plants that are doing very poorly. I’m not sure that they will make it but I’m really hoping so. Both of them and their pots are from Ikea.

And lastly, this one I showed you a couple of weeks ago but I figured I would include it too even though it didn’t get a makeover. The pot that it is in is large and it’s still doing really well. It sits by a window in the family room on the fireplace hearth and seems to be really happy!

So, that completes the plant tour. I love how plants bring life to a space and I always feel like I could use more. But, I try and take it a little bit at a time so as not to overwhelm myself :) How about you? Do you like to keeps plants around your house? Do you have a green thumb? And if so, any tips for me?!