Everyday Life: 04.21.12 – 04.26.12

Another week of photos! I love taking photos with my iPhone. It’s so easy and convenient. But I need to start venturing out again and take photos with my real camera. You know, for artistic reasons. And for practice. There is only so much practice you can do with an iPhone :) But for this week, once again, these were all taken with my phone. And the bottom line is, it still captures life. The ultimate goal for me anyway.

To start off, here is a photo of my new hair cut. I’m still getting used to it but I do like it. I actually have to do my hair now instead of just letting it dry. When it’s long, I do that a lot. But now, I have to either pull it back or use a straightener. I have really straight hair but the ends get all funky if I just let it air dry. So when I am staying close to home I just pull it back. When I’m going out, I straighten it :)

My outfit from last Saturday. I told you I would show my thrifted finds and this outfit definitely qualifies as that. The skirt was $2, the white button down shirt was 50 cents, and the shoes were $2 and they had never been worn. Score! So my whole outfit was only $4.50. Pretty good :)

21. Bottle. These are the bottles I spainted for Christmas a year and a half ago. Now they are in the dining room.I love it that you can see my hand in the mirror as I took this shot. I like to keep it real :)

22. The Last Thing You Bought. Our library sells their old magazines for 10 cents each. Sometimes when I am there I will pick up a couple. They have magazines from 10 years ago sometimes! But these were just last year so they weren’t too bad :)

23. Vegetable. The older I get, the more vegetables I like. Things I thought I hated, I now like (for example: beets. I love them now!). This is a photo of romaine lettuce and it made its way into my tummy via a wonderful salad full of beets (and other yummy stuff).

24. Something You’re Grateful For. I am so grateful for our house. Yes, there is the never ending maintenance and projects but I love it. I’m thankful to call it home.

25. Looking Down. Since I always do my outfit posts looking down, I figured this would be perfect for the day’s word. In this outfit the only thrifted item was the shirt ($2) which I picked up last summer.

A before and after side by side of my garden. Instead of planting my veggies in pots this year, I am planting them in the ground. So I cleared out a very sad overgrown flower bed in the backyard and we are building a raised bed in it’s place. I am super excited about it. We are even going to work on it this afternoon. Yay!

26. Black and White. There are a lot of places in my house that are black and white. Since my cat is gray, she kind of fits in most of the time. I snapped this photo from above of her looking down toward the family room. She’s funny :)

Okay, so this is my last post for the day! I promise!! Now I am all caught up and next will, hopefully, be back to normal!