Everyday Life: 04.13.12 – 04.20.12

Happy Monday! The start to a full week has begun at the Dykast household. We had get up early this morning to drive to Chattanooga to take our car in to get a new transmission. Not so fun. But then I came home and immediately took a little nap. Lots of fun :) I know, I know, a nap before noon? I couldn’t help myself. And now I feel so much better, ready to tackle the rest of the day! In fact, I already have dinner ready. I made something that has to simmer for a long time so I got it ready early. How’s that for productive?!

I was gone all day on Friday and so I didn’t get my Everyday Life post done. But don’t worry, I have it ready for you today :) Last week already feels like a long time ago. It was good to look back and document it!

13. Something you found. I found a magazine in my mailbox! O happy day!! I love getting magazines. I felt like I hadn’t gotten any for so long and then I got a whole bunch last week. They just kept coming and coming. Now I have a pile that I get to look through. Usually I subscribe to mags when Amazon runs their $5 deals. It’s the best. $5 for a year subscription? Sign me up!

14. How you feel today. Lazy was how I felt at the moment of this photo. It was a Saturday and I was in my pj’s relaxing with my cat, reading a book. It was a great evening!

Sunday’s outfit. Hot pink skirt + stripe shirt + belt + wedge sandals. I love getting dressed up for church. I never used to do it but I started to a few years back because it was the only time of the week that it made sense to wear a dress consistently. So now I dress up every Sunday and it’s so fun. And by dressing up I mean I wear a skirt or dress and usually heels. That’s pretty much as far as it goes for me :)

15. Sunset. Okay, so this happens to me every time. Whenever there is a photo that is to be taken at a specific time, I forget. I remembered all evening that I was to take a photo of the sunset and then I missed my 5 minute window of opportunity because I forgot. So I ran outside just before it got really dark and took this. Shame. Even if I had remembered the photo wouldn’t have been much better because we have too many trees blocking our sky. But at least there would have been some streaks of color behind those trees. Oh well, maybe next time!

16. Flower. A confession. I had actually taken all of these photos of this bouquet of flowers gathered from my backyard and posted it before realizing that the subject for the day was flower. How lucky! It sure made it easy for me :) These flowers are now dying but they were so beautiful, weren’t they? And they smelled so good! I think I might have to go back out today and pick some more. There is nothing like fresh flowers brightening up the kitchen.

I can’t remember if I have ever talked about this before or not but there is a fudge shop in Newport, Oregon that Jason and I are crazy for. Not just any old fudge, the tiger butter kind. Tiger butter is peanut butter, caramel, and fudge. It’s amazing. And the tiger butter from this particular fudge shop is the best we have ever had. So what a joy it was to open the mailbox this week and find two blocks of fudge sent to us from Jason’s parents from the Newport Candy Shoppe. They had made a day trip to the coast and remembered how much we like it and mailed it to us. They are the best. And this is not the first time either :) We are so blessed!! And for those of you wondering, yes, we still have some left. A whole block in fact. We are savoring it :)

17. Something you don’t like. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday painting. I did not spend all four days on the same project but I still spent 3 full days painting and part of the fourth. Not my favorite task. It definitely qualifies as something I don’t like to do. What I do love though, is the results. And I’m super duper excited about that part. Especially since now I am done :) Later this week I will show you the completed room. Anyone care to take a guess which room?

Jason and I were invited to go see a Chattanooga Lookouts game on Tuesday. We had never been before and we had so much fun. The couple we went with had tickets for a skybox so not only did we get to see the game but we got to see it in style :) Although they lost, we had a great time.

This photo cracks me up. Of course we made Jason try on the big wonky hat in the gift shop! But sadly, we didn’t take it home with us. Ha!

This is a photo of me and one of the mascots, Blooie. He came around to visit our skybox and so I had to have a photo with him. Isn’t he cute?! Thanks for the photo babe ;)

18. Hair. It’s kind of funny that the word for this day was hair. It was actually perfect really because the next day I cut it off. That’s how I roll. I let it grow for a while and then I get tired of it and chop it off. The last time I cut it short was just before we moved to Tennessee 6 years ago. If you want to see a photo of the new do, I posted one on Instagram here.

19. Orange. When searching for a subject for this photo I realized I don’t have very much orange in my house. I don’t really decorate with it and I don’t really wear it much. While I was fixing dinner I realized the roasted sweet potatoes would be perfect. Have I mentioned how much I love sweet potatoes? Because I really do :)

20. Something you drew. Okay, so I don’t really draw. But I do doodle. This is what I was doodling during church on Wednesday night. I find that if I doodle or take note during the teaching I can pay attention better. Otherwise, if I just sit there and try to listen, my mind starts wandering. So now, I doodle :)

What a full week! Fudge, the Lookouts, doodling, hair, painting, magazines, sweet potatoes, and flowers. It was a productive week and I’m thankful for it! Now, I ready to tackle this one!