Reinvented Console Cabinet

I love my bargain console/record player that I have in my dining room. I have had it for about a year and a half and I’m really glad that I got it. It is so much more vintage modern than the previous one and it fits my style way more. But, now that I have my new dining table in place, I’m not really into the wood color. It feels like there are too many different wood shades going on in that room. The wood floors, the wood table, the wood chairs (although I am planning on painting those someday) and the wood console. Plus, the living room, which connects to the dining room, has many more white elements and I want the rooms to go together. So, I decided to paint the console.

It’s really not that tragic; painting a wood piece. For one thing, it was only $45. Also, the wood wasn’t even in that great of condition. I bought it with the intent to paint it and once I got it home, I liked it the way it was so I left it. That was before my new table. Now, for the reasons mentioned above, it was time to paint. Just as a reminder, here is the before photo:

See all of those different wood finishes going on? Ya, me too. It’s starting to drive me crazy. Like there is no cohesiveness. Gotta change that!

Jason and I hauled it down to the basement so I could paint it. Let me tell you, this thing is heavy. Mostly because of the record player. Once it was down in the basement, I started painting. I quickly realized that the speakers were no fun to paint. And it was going to take me forever. And it might not even look good once it was done.

It might be kind of hard to tell in the photo but the speakers are on the the ends. They are fabric covered and then there are lots of wooden slats over the top of the fabric. Tons of groves to paint and the fabric wasn’t looking so hot once it was painted. Plus, I was having a hard time catching all of the drips. What to do?

I called Jason back downstairs and asked him if it would be possible to give the little console a face lift. He said it could be done and immediately, we got to work. Even though it was 8:00 at night :) That’s how I roll. Once I get started on something, I want it done yesterday :)

First, we busted out all of the little slats. Then Jason made two inserts to put in their place, over the speakers. For those of you wondering, the record player was on it’s way out. It really would only last for one song and then die. So I wasn’t too worried about covering up the speakers since I quit using it anyway.

Once the new inserts were in place, I filled holes and sanded it smooth. After priming and painting… ta-da! All new, modernized cabinet!

I love it! It brightens up the space so much and I love it even more that the little slats are gone. It had a bit more retro feel with the slats and now it’s a bit more crisp which I love. Plus, the neon lamp looks so cool on it now that the cabinet is white.

My little pretties, all in a row…

But, you know me… Now that it is all in place, I started thinking of some more ways to pimp it out. My last beef with this cabinet is it’s a little short. We are now in the process of brainstorming ways to make it taller by adding a new base instead of the existing legs.

Besides, the existing legs always look like they are leaning. Even though they aren’t (we checked).

I think the idea of a new base has potential. What do you think?!