Everyday Life: 04.06.12 – 04.12.12

It’s almost the weekend everybody!! It’s another gorgeous day here in Tennessee, just the right temperature at 70 degrees, my favorite kind of weather. I just finished sipping on my coffee and now, all is good :)

I’ve done a bunch of painting projects this week and I can’t wait to share them all. Now I just have to take photos and write posts. Because the weather is so great I am in the middle of sprainting stuff too. There is always something to be sprainted at my house!

And now for another round of Everyday Life:

6. Lunch. Okay, so I didn’t actually eat only an apple for my whole lunch. But I forgot to take a photo of my lunch that day and I usually do have an apple with my lunch so I thought it would work :) I love apples. Braeburn is my favorite and I have pretty much tried every variety I could get my hands on before I settled on a favorite. But everyone once in a while, I like to mix it up :) How about you, do you have a fav?

7. Shadow. I meant to take a shadow photo outside and completely forgot (this seems to be a regular occurrence for me) and so I took one inside when it was already dark. If you can’t tell what’s going on, that is my hand pointing to my other hand which is holding my phone while taking the photo. How cool am I?! That’s talent right there folks!

8. Inside your wallet. I am such a dork and I posted this on Instagram with my license number showing. Thankfully, someone pointed it out to me and I deleted it. I never even thought of it. Duh! So I have blurred it here and I don’t think there is any other pertinent info you can read :) Except that now you all know my birth date and my middle name. Sheesh!

9. Younger you. I’m not sure how old I am in this photo, maybe a year old? I don’t think I look that happy though :) Looks like they had a hard time getting me to smile. Haha! Sorry Mom :)

10. Cold. So, this is what I am totally into right now. Making smoothies and freezing them into popsicles. Seriously good. This particular smoothie pop has spinach, red bell pepper, carrots, non fat plain yogurt, almond milk, applesauce, orange juice, strawberries, blackberries, mango, and pineapple. I’m all about the more the merrier. It’s so good. Every time I make them I change it up a bit and they always turn out awesome. Mmmmm….

11. Where you ate breakfast. This is our breakfast nook. I have showed it many times. This is where I always eat breakfast. Seems appropriate, right? The photo is not really in focus but it makes it feel a bit dreamy. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. I’m sort of in denial.

See that vent on the floor under the table? Well, in the winter it blows warm air so I sit on that side to warm me up. In the summer, it blows cold air, so I sit on the opposite side so I don’t get frozen. Hey, whatever works!

My outfit the other day was very colorful. I found these pants at Goodwill for $4. I have been wanting some colored springtime pants and I was super excited to find some for so cheap. They actually were flare pants but I wanted skinnies so I remade them. They turned out so good you can’t even tell. Maybe someday I will post another photo so you can see them from a different angle. The shoes were thrifted too (last year), $2. And the shirt is from Old Navy for $5 so my whole outfit was only $11. Not bad :)

My husband loves me, he really does :) He came home with these roses earlier in the week. So sweet. I love him too :)

12. Stairs. Right before I took this photo I had just scrubbed our floors and the stairs on my hands and knees. It’s a job but sometimes it needs to be done. And scrubbing it gets it cleaner than if I just use a mop. It’s not one of my favorite chores but I love it when it’s done!

Any super duper plans this weekend? I am hanging out with some friends but other than that, nada. We finally finished our taxes this week, we like to put it off for as long as possible, so now I don’t have anything pressing. It feels good. Now I’m ready for a carefree weekend! I hope you are too!!