DIY: Grandfather Clock Wall Decal

You all know by now how much I love to use contact paper for the walls. I have used it on the walls in our church and at home. It’s easy, cheap, and removable. I love that! It’s been a while but I’m at it again. I’m adding more contact paper to the walls. This time in the form of another copycat project.

A long time ago I saw a photo somewhere on the world wide web and I can’t remember where but I thought it was a cool idea. The photo was a silhouette of a grandfather clock. Here is an image I found while searching for the original one I saw:

I thought it was cool and I knew it was a great candidate for a DIY project. If you want one and don’t want to make it yourself, here is a link to purchase the one above.

I bought some black contact paper and drew my design. Contact paper is handy for a project like this because it has guidelines on the backside. I drew one side of the clock, cut it out and then flipped the cut off part over to the other side and traced it so the clock would be identical. It worked pretty well :) After cutting out the rest of it and sticking it to the wall, I hung a clock on it. Here is the after:

I stuck it to the wall in one of the kid’s rooms at church. The contact paper was from Lowe’s (surprisingly it’s hard to find black contact paper!) and the clock is from Target. The whole project cost about $10.

Pretty cool, huh?!

We’ve been doing all sorts of projects at the church lately and it’s nice to be getting some things done. My jobs mostly include hanging things and painting things. It’s coming together and I’m happy :)

I hope you all are having a good week! See you next time!