Everyday Life: 03.23.12 – 03.30.12

Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so :) We had such a great weekend and it actually started with Friday. Jason had the week off and so we decided to have a date day on Friday. We drove north and did two of my favorite things: shopping and eating. Doesn’t get much better than that! Because of our date day, I completely forgot to post on Friday! Oops :) So I will now attempt to bring this little blog up to date!

We will start off with a pretty flowering trees photo :) I love dogwoods. They are one of my favorite trees. I was out running and I had to stop and take a shot of these blossoms. They are so beautiful!!

Outfit for the day. It was such a nice day and I was wearing such a neutral outfit that I had to add a bright pink belt. I needed some color somewhere :)

Day 24 was Animal. The only animal that I am regularly around is my cat so naturally I took a shot of her. She wasn’t being very cooperative though. She kept moving every time I went to take the shot. Oh well, I guess it shows the motion that was going on.

Since I was so neutral the day before, I decided to spice it up with a hot pink skirt. After all, sometimes a girl’s just gotta wear pink! The pencil skirt, by the way, was a thrift store find that I got last year. I think it was a whopping $2.

25. Breakfast. Okay, so when I posted this on Instagram, everyone thought I was weird. So now I want your opinion… For breakfast I eat cottage cheese with applesauce and cinnamon and an english muffin (on the side). I know some people have an aversion to cottage cheese because of the texture but lots of people put fruit in it. I just choose applesauce during the winter when I can’t get ripe strawberries. Is that so weird?! Even if it is, I don’t care because I love it!!

26. Key. I chose to shoot my house key. It’s the only one on my ring that stands out because it is a snakeskin print. I think it’s cool :)

I have been busy at the church this past week. I finally got a gallery wall up there too. Now I just have to order photos for it. I had to wait until the frames were up first before ordering photos so I would know which orientation to pick. I can’t wait until it’s done hopefully this week or next. It’s going to look awesome! I went the easy route for these frames and bought them all at Ikea. Much easier (and faster) than collecting and spray painting like I did for my own gallery wall :)

Since I hung these at church, I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t fall down. I used double-sided sticky velcro. It works wonders. Now I’m thinking I should always hang every picture like this. They won’t get bumped and they won’t fall down. Genius.

27. Your name. I chose a card that my Mom had written me for this day’s photo. I have always loved my Mom’s handwriting. I especially love how she writes my name :)

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before but every year Jason’s Grandma sends us an Easter basket in the mail. It’s always full of yummy goodies and we look forward to it every year. One of the fun parts is that in some of the eggs there is money in them :) And this year there was a bonus of a Starbucks card too. Yay for grandmas, they are the best!

28. Trash. I didn’t really like this one. I mean, who wants to take a photo of trash?! So I sort of did my own thing and took a photo of the recycling. Hey, it’s still trash, right?

29. Your Feet. This one was easy. I take photos of my feet all the time. Here I am wearing my 75 cent thrift store moccasins that I found brand new. One of my best clothing finds ever!

30. Toy. We don’t have that many toys floating around our house but we happened to get a frog in our Easter basket and so I snapped a photo of him. I think he’s kinda cute. Maybe I should spraint him. Hmmm…

Whew! All caught up! I have a few other projects that I have finished that I need to share with you too. Hopefully there will be some more posts coming your way soon. Stay tuned!