Oliver Is 4

Here lately the only time I post scrapbooking pages are when I make them for my niece or nephews. I really should rectify that situation. But first, I need to start scrapbooking for myself as well :) I really love scrapbooking. I just haven’t been doing much of it lately. And the reason behind it is totally lame. The reason? I don’t like going through my photos and taking the time to get them printed. I know, it’s so not a good excuse. There are many days when I really want to get out all my stuff and have a good day of creating but don’t because I don’t have any photos ready to go. One of these days though, I will stop being so lazy and get it done! Until then, I will keep sharing with you the pages I do have finished!

Oh Oliver, you are so cute! He is the youngest of the four boys (with my niece being the youngest of them all) and he is a super fun kid. Just his voice alone melts my heart and I love to hear him talk! He is the one that looks the most like my brother. How I wish I could see them more often! Especially when I realize he is already four. Unbelievable.

I have been super into imperfect polka dots and I had to try them out on this page. Fun, huh?!

A big thanks to my sister-in-law, Jodi, for always letting me steal photos from her blog for these pages :) Happy birthday Oliver! Jason and I love you so much!!

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