Everyday Life: 03.16.12 – 03.22.12

As I’m sitting here this morning, I can hear the birds singing. I went for a run earlier and although it was overcast, it was a beautiful morning and perfect for a run. The weather was warm and the trees are all in bloom. Poor Jason can’t run with me right now because the pollen count is so high that his allergies go crazy. So I had to settle for a run on my own :)

This month we celebrate our 6th year of being here in Tennessee. You would think after six years I would be used to the weather patterns but spring here always catches me off guard. In Oregon we wouldn’t get this kind of weather until June or July so to have it in March, well, it feels early to me! This whole week it has been in the 80’s and it’s supposed to be the same next week. I can’t complain though, it’s so nice. The only reason I don’t like spring coming so early is that I know summer is just around the corner… Me and summer do not get along. It’s way too hot and humid for my liking :) Last year I was really working on not complaining about the heat. I’m going to have to continue working on it since complaining about it is my natural response. Besides, it doesn’t really help to complain about something you can’t control. It just draws even more attention to it. Anyone else struggle with wanting to complain about the weather but knowing you shouldn’t and that it’s pointless?! Ha!

Moving onto photos for this week. I will show you what I have up my sleeve…

Day 16. Sunglasses. I have had these sunglasses for 4 years. I got them from Fossil and I love them. I actually have lots of pairs of sunglasses but these are definitely my go to pair. I’m not the kind of person that lovingly takes care of my sunglasses and I never will be so I don’t invest a lot in them. It’s actually amazing that these have lasted so long. They get tossed into my purse on a daily basis and thrown on the seat of the car. I have yet to sit on them but that has definitely happened in the past with previous pairs. And the Starbucks… Jason and I went on a date that morning. It was magical :)

17. Green. The name of the game was green for St. Patty’s day and without even realizing it, I wore green. I got dressed for work and threw on a green shirt. Yay for me! I don’t wear too much green so it was lucky that I had it on :)

This one I totally forgot to Instagram. I took a photo when I was in a hurry and simply forgot. Sequin skirt + cardigan buttoned up + boots. I saw on outfit on Pinterest that was similar and copied it :)

PS Look at my whitey white legs!! I need a tan or something!

18. Corner of my home. This is a corner in our family room, the fireplace hearth. I have had this plant for many years now, I think about 10 years or so and it has traveled a lot for a plant. Originally, I got it while I was in Idaho visiting my aunt. She gave me a clipping from her plant because I said how much I liked it. This clipping rode home with us back to Oregon. Amazingly enough, the clipping grew into a plant (at least that’s amazing for my black thumbs)! Then, I brought it with us when we moved from Oregon to Tennessee. Somewhere along the way, I re-potted it and it got a lot bigger. I still love this plant and it is the most successful plant in my house. Thank you Joni, for the start :)

19. Funny. From time to time I have to post photos of my cat. I mean, look at that face! She is so cute :) I chose her as my subject for this day’s word because she makes us laugh all the time. She is somewhat psycho as I’m sure most cats are. She might not be doing anything funny at this particular moment, but believe me, she is funny!!

20. Before & After. You know me, I love a good before and after. This one was an easy no brainer because I forgot to take a photo of something that was actually interesting. So, my water glass filled in for my lack of creativity.

21. Delicious. Seriously? These are some of my favorite candies all year. Jason and I look forward to Easter candy more than any other holiday candy because these are so good. Cadbury mini eggs. That’s where it’s at :)

Side note: we had a friend that knew we liked them and she brought us a huge bag from Sam’s Club a couple of weeks ago. We have been making our way through it and enjoying every single one. On Wednesday she asked if we needed a new bag yet. We don’t, but isn’t she the sweetest?!!!

22. Kitchen Sink. Haha, I grabbed a shot when it was a full kitchen sink. Mostly because this rarely happens. Normally is looks like this. I’m sort of married to the cleanest guy on the block and he does not like his kitchen sink to be messy. As soon as there is a spare dish about, he sets to cleaning it up. Me? Not so much :) Right after I took this shot I could hear him cleaning it up. Thank you sweetheart, for cleaning up after us :)

I love the Instagram challenge. I causes me to take photos of random things that I never would have thought of before. It’s helping me to document our life right now. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It’s fun :)