Everyday Life: 03.09.12 – 03.15.12

I have been trying all day to get this post put together and I keep getting distracted! But now I am finally going to sit down and make myself get it done!

I hope you all have had a good week. We have had a very warm weathered week. It was about 80 degrees the past two days and now, while it is still warm, we are having a thunder storm. Strange :)

Moving on… here are my happenings for this week according to Instagram…

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my dear friend Heather last Friday. It had been way too long since we had hung out. My March Photo A Day assignment was Red. Since Heather was wearing red pants that day, I made her my photo of the day :) By the way, she just recently did a whole post on what she is wearing with her red jeans these days. You have to check it out, she is so cute! See it here. While we were together she bought some green jeans and then did another post about them. Check that one out here. Isn’t she the best?!

Our house is usually pretty quiet. So when #10’s word was Loud, I didn’t have any ideas. And then I made our newest obsession (as I stated earlier), frozen yogurt. I realized the ice cream maker is loud and it would work just right :) By the way, the homemade version of frozen yogurt doesn’t last long at our house. It is super good!

11. Someone I talked to today. This was easy because it was a church day. I talked to lots of people :) But I chose my friend Ashley for the photo because I just might have talked to her the most aside from Jason of course.

12. Fork. I thought this one was kind of boring and I sure didn’t do anything creative with it. So now you have had a peek into my silverware drawer. Speaking of flatware… I would love to have new set. Preferably this gold set from West Elm. Pure delight! Anyone else hankering for gold flatware?

Outfit post from Sunday. I forgot to actually post it on Sunday so I posted it on Monday instead. Stripe dress + navy blazer (from the little boys section at Goodwill!) + belt + boots.

12. A Sign. This sign was bought by some friends of mine for me right before I moved to Tennessee. I have it hung in the kitchen and it makes me smile to remember the day that it was given to me because we spent the day together. I love those girls!

13. Clouds. We had the most beautiful weather on Wednesday and at first there wasn’t a cloud in sight. I was kind of thinking I wouldn’t get my shot. But then some little clouds rolled in in the afternoon. I think clouds are beautiful!

Wednesday’s outfit. I figured I should probably take advantage of the weather and wear a dress. I love dresses. They are so comfortable. Unless you are wearing a belt with it. Then, in my opinion, it makes it a tad bit uncomfortable because I had it cinched at my waist. Hey, you do what you gotta do for style!

We were at a friend’s house and there was mud on this tree in the shape of a heart. I don’t know how it got there but I liked it :) It made me want one on a tree at my house. Not so permanent as etching but still cool. Maybe I could make some moss grow like that. Hmmm… something to think about!

15. Car. While my parents are in Brazil I have been driving their car around. It’s been fun. It’s even more fun now that I washed it because it shines. (See Mom, I’m taking good care of it!)

Clouds, cars, signs, belt cinching, frozen yogurt, forks, and friends! It’s been quite a week. What will next week turn up?