Thrift Finds January – February 2012

I realized that I haven’t posted my thrift finds for quite some time and I sort of have a pile stacking up of treasures that need to be shared with you all! I think part of the fun of thrifting is sharing the good bargains I have found :)

When I was in Oregon I went to a thrift store with my brothers. I had completely forgotten how everything there is so expensive! Thrift stores are usually dirt cheap here and I had grown accustomed to it. No way was I going to spend $20-$30 on a pair of jeans (from a thrift store!) when I can get them for $2-$4 here. Crazy talk! Not only do we have a bunch of really good thrift stores with good prices, we have one in particular that all of the clothes are 50 cents. It’s one of my favorite places to go. So I guess I’m spoiled here. And I’m sorry for all of you who don’t have cheap thrift stores like we do!

I found this vase just the other day for 30 cents. Really? 30 cents?! I loved the color and so it had to come home with me. It will probably end up in the main living area since I seem to have a lot of that color floating around in there.

I love finding frames. And when they have the glass also, a double bonus. This frame and glass was only 50 cents. I’m not into the picture, it will get tossed but I loved the frame. I’m not sure where this little gem will end up yet. And I’m not certain, but it may get a fresh coat of spraint :)

Embroidery hoops. There are always projects that I wish I had embroidery hoops for. And to get 4 of them for 50 cents I figured it was worth it to bring these home with me!

Another vase. I loved the wonkiness of this one. It looks like it was handmade although I’m not sure if that assessment is accurate or not. It was only $1 and it now resides on the shelf in my dining room.

I’m super into brass right now. I knew it would eventually come back in style since all things do, but I remember when I hated brass. Now I look for it! This little brass bow hook was only 75 cents! I don’t know where I will use it yet but it will definitely have a home with me somewhere :)

Right after I found the bow hook, I also found this brass wall hanging at a different thrift shop. They are similar but I still had to have both of them. This one was $2. I might use it in my bedroom. We shall see…

I find lots of good clothes at thrift shops too. I don’t normally post them because sometimes they need to be shown off as an outfit instead of just perched on the table. Maybe I should show them more often. Is anyone interested in seeing the clothes I find? Anyhoo, I found these shoes for $2 and they had hardly been worn. I love it when I find shoes like that :)

I’ve said this before, but fabric is one of my favorite things to find. This is a large piece and it was only $1.25. I have plans for this but you will have to wait and see…

I loved this little brass bookmark when I saw it. Another brass thing, I know, I know… Although finding a W might seem weird (yes, a K or D would have been better!) my Dad’s name is Warren so I figured a W works too :) Plus, it was only a quarter. How could I leave it there?!

I am completely in love with this fabric. It’s actually a jacket but I am going to use it for the fabric and make it into a pillow. It was $4 and worth every penny. It’s really one of my favorite finds as of late.

So now that you have seen my latest finds and know that I am spoiled here in TN for our cheap thrift stores, does anyone else want to share any recent treasures? Do the stores in your area have reasonable prices or are they over priced like Oregon? Do tell!!