DIY: Kitchen Artwork

Okay, so I’m a copy catter. I know it. Sometimes, I just can’t help myself. I see something I like and I want it. Anyone else ever feel that way? I’m definitely not opposed to buying stuff. But sometimes, it just won’t work out and I have to make my own. Plus, I really like to make things :)

Last week, I came across a pin on Pinterest of a kitchen calendar from Anthropologie. I fell in love with this calendar. It was so wonderful and I wanted it. Like, bad :) But, unfortunately there were a few problems. 1. There is only one space in my kitchen where it would work and the dimensions were wrong for that space. 2. The colors didn’t work in my kitchen. 3. Anthropologie was no longer offering it on their site. Sad day.

See all of these problems? The biggest problem being that I couldn’t actually get it any longer. So what’s a girl to do? Recreate it if possible :) Here is the original so you know what I was up against:

Umm… ya, so cute! Do you see why I had to have it? My first choice would have been to buy it because I loved it so much and I would have made it work, but since it wasn’t possible, I drew my own. And mine didn’t turn out nearly as cute but I do really like it :)

I kept my version black and white. I also rearranged the order of the utensils so it would fit in the dimensions that I had. First, I sketched out the shapes and then I went over them with a black marker, making some of the lines thicker than others.

Then, I hung it over the sink. I really like the artwork but now I’m not so sure about the color of the frame. I thought gray would be a nice change since I always spraint everything white but now I’m not so sure. Thoughts?

I also rearranged the shelf above the plate rack, adding some cookbooks up there. Now I’m on the hunt for more cookbooks at thrift stores because I think it looks cool :)

And, as it turns out, it was another don’t cost a dime project. I already had the frame, paper, and pen. How’s that for cheap artwork?!

Happy Monday everyone!!