Everyday Life: 02.24.12 – 03.02.12

Wow, this week has been much better than the last! It’s gone really fast though, and I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I have another round of photos for you and I finished out Instagram’s February Photo A Day and started in with March’s. Whew! What a month!

Day 24: Inside your bathroom cabinet. I have a linen closet in my bathroom and it is where I put all of my stuff. So this is a photo of a portion of one of the shelves in the closet. Not very exciting, I know, but that’s how I roll.

We got a new couch for the entryway at church. I got it online from Target and I tried to find it again to link it but they must be gone now. Anyway, I really love it and think it looks nice in the space. Even better, I got it on sale for around $200. What? For real? Yes!! You can see why I was so excited. Plus it’s a bed. So if I ever want to spend the night at church, I can now.

Next I need a coffee table or something. And maybe some artwork for the wall under the shelf. Hmm… always something :)

An outfit. I wore this to work on Saturday. Orange skirt + blue shirt + black tights + black wedges + black cardigan.

25. Green. Not my cat, the couch! My couch is my favorite green thing in the house so I figured it deserved a photo :) My cat was just a little bonus since she usually is perched there during the day.

Sunday’s outfit. Funny thing is I came home from church and changed my clothes before I remembered that I had wanted to take an outfit photo. So I put the whole outfit back on and snapped a pic. Yes, I am very dedicated to this :) Stripe shirt + tweed skirt + gray tights + nude shoes + glittery gold belt.

Sunday evening we went to a concert with some friends. It was a free concert put on by the university in our town. I really don’t usually like concerts but it was Phil Wickham. He is one of my favorite Christian artists so I just had to go. Plus it was free. And there was free pizza afterwards. How can you say no to that? Just saying. And even better we went to the new frozen yogurt place afterward. Fro yo is my new favorite addiction. Jason and I really would go every night if we could. In fact, I would take some right now. My favorite is the coffee flavor. Naturally. Anyone else addicted? I will just end this paragraph by saying it was a really good night :)

26. Night. Coming home from the concert. Boring shot but I wasn’t feeling too creative with my belly stuffed full of fro yo. Hahaha.

27. Something you ate. I love this photo. The bright orange against the black and white is wonderful. And the clementines weren’t so bad either. I like mine when they are just a bit sour rather than too sweet and these were perfect.

28. Money. Rather than take a boring shot of a dollar bill I decided to fold it all up into a heart. I hadn’t ever done it before so I watched a clip on Youtube. It was pretty simple. The thing I was thinking of while I was doing it is that with all of those folds it probably won’t be accepted into a bill acceptor at the self check anymore. Bummer :)

My new salt and pepper shakers from Target. They were on clearance. I had to have them! So they came home with me and I’m so glad they did!!

29. Something you’re listening to. What was I listening to? Nothing. So I took a shot of nothing. I really was in a quiet house all day. It was a Wednesday and we have church on Wednesday nights. Jason was in his office studying and so the house is quiet. And I like it like that.

Now we move onto March!!! 1. Up. We had to make a post office run and so I jumped out of the car when I saw these pretty blooming trees there and took a photo Up. It might be hard for my Oregon friends to imagine all of the lovely blooming trees here right now since they have snow (which is unusual) but we really do have them. And now I have proof. It was the most gorgeous day yesterday. I think it might have even gotten to 80 degrees without a cloud in sight. But we are making up for it today with thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Fun, fun!

2. Fruit. My current favorite snack is frozen blueberries. They are so tasty!! I really can’t get enough of them lately. I gobble them down too quickly and then just want more. {sigh} Another addiction.

Well, I guess that wraps up this week. Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods? Things like tornadoes, frozen yogurt, or concerts? I guess it’s been a pretty eventful week here :)

Have a great weekend!! May it be full of blue skies and frozen blueberries!