DIY: Laundry Room Artwork

Since I have been so busy lately, the laundry room progress has halted a bit. I hate that. I wanted to come home from vacation and get to work! But other things came up and it had to get put on the back burner for a little bit. But that’s okay, I’ve been waiting for 4 years, a little longer won’t hurt :)

Before I left, I made some artwork for the room. Yes, I made artwork and hung it up even before all the walls were painted. The part where the art is hung is finished and that was good enough for me! I get that from my Mom. She does the same thing at her house. I had to laugh when I was doing it too because I could picture my Mom doing it. I just can’t help myself… the decor is way more fun than painting!

I already had these three frames on hand and so I just needed something to put in them. I had loved the calendar I made for my Mom so much I decided to make artwork like it. I am really into everything metallic these days (who isn’t?!) and I’m excited the with the way they turned out. I have to say though, it is really hard to get a good photo of metallic artwork with glass on it. I really should have taken out the glass for the photos but that would have been too much work. Ya, I’m lazy like that!

Lines and triangles are the thing to have in artwork right now. Seriously, every blog I read has them incorporated somehow. I couldn’t help but follow this trend.

It’s a small space but I love how they fill up the wall.

This type of artwork couldn’t be easier. If you like it, try it for yourself. It’s fun :)

Yay for DIY artwork using only materials that I already had = free :) It really can’t get much better, can it?!

As the photos above reveal and as I’ve already said, there are still things to do in this room. But instead of feeling discouraged by the lack of progress in the last month, I’m feeling encouraged with how far we’ve come. And, I’m really loving the outcome. It’s just what I wanted. What a blessing!!