Everyday Life: 02.17.12 – 02.23.12

You know, one of these days I might actually post a regular post again about my house. And that will happen once my life calms down a little bit. Do you ever feel like you just go from one thing to the next sometimes with no break in between? That’s how I feel these days :) I thought I was going to get back to regular posting last week and then I ended up with the stomach bug and was out all week. I just laid around in bed or on the couch the whole time. I haven’t been that sick in who knows how long but do you know what? I think it was good for me. Being sick is no fun but a little down time was beneficial. But now, of course, I’m trying to play catch up from being out for a week! So no promises, but I will try to squeeze in a post this week!

Day 17 photo for February’s Photo A Day Challenge was Time. I took a photo of the clock on our oven. Several years ago we switched to military time. I really can’t remember why, maybe even just for fun, but we love it. It takes a little bit of getting used to but it makes so much more sense! No more of this AM PM stuff. Try it, you might just like it :)

Day 18: Drink. I have probably mentioned this before but besides having a cup of coffee at 3:00 PM everyday (or 15:00 for you military time lovers!) the only thing I drink during the day is water. I switched several years ago when I realized how much other stuff I was drinking instead of water and water was a last resort. So, I pretty much got rid of all other beverages (except my beloved coffee, I couldn’t part with that!) and solely drink water. The only other exception is on Sundays. We go out to lunch with our church friends after service and I usually get a soda then. Because I love it so and can’t give it up completely :) Is that quirky or what?!

Day 19: Something I hate to do. The dishes. I really do hate this chore. But can I make a little confession? I rarely do them. My wonderful, sweet, amazing husband does them 99.9% of the time. Even the ones in this photo were washed by him. In fact, I sort of felt like I was cheating taking a photo of them when I didn’t actually do them. But hey! You do what you gotta do :) Am I spoiled? Most definitely!

20. Handwriting. This was my last normal day before I succumbed to illness and I was making a grocery list. A couple things to note. This has my hand writing and Jason’s since we both add stuff during the week. The way it works for us is I plan meals and write them on a calendar that I keep with our grocery list in the kitchen. It’s a system that works well for us. Plus, when I want to remember something I made previously I can refer back to the calendar. Or, if I don’t feel like coming up with a new menu, I can copy a previous one. Another thing, do you see I have spraint on the list? Yes, I use that word (spray + paint) all the time. Please tell me I’m not the only one. Have I caused anyone else to start using this word regularly? One day I hope to see it on Pinterest. Then I will know my influence in the blog world!

Day 21: Fav photo of me. I’m not sure if this is necessarily my favorite photo of me from all time but I do really like it a lot. It was taken way back in 2007 by our friend Rich Smith. I took this photo of a photo the first day I was sick and I actually hardly left the bedroom but by evening I felt well enough to venture downstairs to the living room and I remembered to I needed to snap a photo and this one hangs on the wall so it was easy access and that is about all the energy I had. Plus, I really do like it :)

A good thing about being sick? I got to snuggle with my cat a lot. She wanted to be every where that I was even when it wasn’t so comfortable for me :) But she kept me company. Thanks Sydney :)

Day 22: Where I work. You have all seen my work room but here it is again. I love my little work space and it gets a lot of use.

Day 23: Shoes. There weren’t any shoes on my feet this particular day. Actually, all week :) I bummed around in my slippers and pajamas the whole week and it was great. I figured my slippers would have to take the place of shoes for this shot. Good enough, right?

Anyone else been sick lately? I talked to my brother today and I learned that their whole family had strep throat last week. They have 5 kids and 5 out of the 7 of them got it (that’s including my brother and his wife). Poor them! They made so many trips to the doctor that he finally said they could just call it in when the next one came down with it. I felt so bad for them. It made my little sickness seem easy! There is always something that puts things into perspective, isn’t there?

I hope you all have a great week and stay healthy!!