Everyday Life: 02.10.12 – 02.16.12

Now it’s time for another installment of Everyday Life. Since I can’t seem to get in gear and do some things around the house, here are some photos so at least you know I haven’t fallen completely off the map :)

Day 10: Self Portrait. I have taken many self portraits in the last year or so. On this day, I chose to make it simple. I got dressed and ready to go and snapped a photo in the mirror :) Easy peasy!

I saw this at Target and I had to take a photo. Edible spray paint for cake (and probably other food). I NEED this!!! Enough said :)

Day 11: Something that makes me happy. He sure does!

I just had to throw in an outfit photo!

Day 12: Inside my closet. The inside of my closet is also on the outside since there are no doors. You can see more about this portion of our closet here.

I made cupcakes for Valentine’s day and I made them two toned pink. It was fun as I have never tried this before with cupcakes. I poured the light pink in the mold first, then the dark pink. When you took a bite, you could see that the light pink rose up in the middle. It was really cool looking!

After going to the store, I came home with these heart shaped Reese’s. I just couldn’t help myself! I actually bought them for Jason because he loves them and, hello! They were heart shaped!!

13. Blue. This is a blanket that we like to cuddle up in. It’s really soft and warm and sometimes we fight over it :)

14. Heart. I know some people can’t stand conversation hearts but I love them. I am very picky about the brand though and this year I had to search high and low for the right brand!

For Valentine’s day, we ate in and made pizza. I have been wanting to try a recipe for a cauliflower crust and it was the perfect opportunity. It turned out good and I loved it! The recipe that I used can be found here. Next, I might try zucchini crust

Although I like cauliflower, there was no way that Jason would eat it. He likes to stay away from any type of vegetables if possible :) So I made him homemade dough topped with feta, pecans, mozzarella, and caramelized onions and pears. It is a really yummy pizza and we got the idea from California Pizza Kitchen. If we ever want to try something different, I just go to their website and look at what toppings they put on their pizzas and then duplicate it or make something similar. We have tried some really good different combinations by doing that!

15. Phone. What the heck? How am I supposed to take a photo of my phone with my phone aside from using a mirror?! So I took a shot of the box. Works for me!

16. New. Lastly, I took a photo of this new-to-me vase that I found at Goodwill. Right now it’s in Jason’s office but it will probably make an appearance in another part of the house soon.

Well, that pretty much wraps up last week. It’s good I’m following the Instagram February Photo A Day or I don’t think I would be sneaking in so many pictures since I have been so busy. It’s also good because it makes me take photos of things I wouldn’t normally think of and yet, I’m still documenting my world. I’m enjoying it very much!!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!