Everyday Life: 02.04.12 – 02.09.12

Whew! What a week! A very busy one :) And I thought that this coming week would be a little slower but it doesn’t look like it will be back to normal quite yet. It’s been really good though. I have had some time just to think and be away from blogs (reading them and writing them) and I think it’s been a good thing for me :) So one more week of being sporadic and then maybe I will get back on track. Until then, here are the photos I took from last week…

Outfit for the day: pink pants, navy blazer, white shirt. I love my little navy blazer and have been wearing it a bunch lately. I found it in the little boys section at Goodwill a while back for $4. A good investment I think :) The sleeves are short but I knew I wanted to roll them up so it didn’t matter. I especially love the gold buttons. Yay for the boys section!

Day 4 of the February photo a day challenge was a stranger. I don’t normally take photos of random people so it felt a little weird but I’m sure she didn’t notice. Again, I was at the best Mexican restaurant here in town. Sometimes I feel like I am always there :)

My breakfast on Sunday. I have never cooked an egg in the microwave before and I wanted to try it. I used a small container and I cooked one egg white + one whole egg. It puffed up so much that when I went to assemble my breakfast sandwich, I couldn’t even take a normal bite it was so tall! But it was super tasty! English muffin (toasted) + egg + avocado + turkey bacon + tomato = really delish!

My outfit from last Sunday. I’m realizing just how much I wear these boots because I wore them again to church today. I really should have them on a rotation or something :)

Day 5 was 10 AM. Since I was at church at that time I completely forgot. But I took plenty of other photos that day so it doesn’t really matter. The above photo was my first attempt at making applesauce. I love applesauce and eat it almost everyday so I really wanted to make some homemade. It turned out really good. I only used apples, lemon juice, and water. I really didn’t want to add any sugar or anything else to sweeten it and I don’t think it needs it. Next time though, I will add cinnamon!

On Monday we spent the day in Atlanta hanging out with some friends. We went to Starbucks and when the drink came I was surprised to see the Valentine’s day cups. I loved it! Have they always done that and I just didn’t notice or was this the first time? So cute :) Is it weird that I sort of wanted to keep it?!

Day 6 was Dinner. I actually had brenner (breakfast for dinner) at Cafe Nineteen in Atlanta. I had been there one other time and it was like a little cafe. But at night? A whole different story! It was like a club with rap music. We were laughing about it the whole time. But the food was really yummy!

Day 7: Button. Of course I couldn’t take a photo of just one button. Oh no, I had to take a photo of my collection! Buttons are prettier when they are all grouped together by color anyway!

Okay, so we have a lot of sunny days here in Tennessee. But on the one day where the word was Sun (day 8) there was no sun. Hidden behind a cloud all day. So, I drew a sun on my chalkboard and propped it up in the window. After the photo, I just put it against the wall on the floor and my weird cat has been licking the chalk off ever since. Is that normal? Or do I have the only crazy cat on the planet?!

And lastly, day 9 Front Door. Speaking of the cat, there she is. Posing for you all for my front door photo. Really, she’s weird :)

So there you go, another little glimpse into my week. A pretty good week I’d say :)