Everyday Life: 01.27.12 – 02.03.12

Goodness, I’m a little behind this week! At the end of last week I unexpectedly was away from the house all day on Thursday and Friday. And it looks like it’s going to be somewhat of the same for this week so I’m not sure how much posting will get done. I would have time to blog in the evenings when I get home but since I am away all day I don’t have time to get anything done around the house which means there is nothing to blog about! So please bear with me in the coming week and hopefully next week will be back on schedule.

Anywhoo… onto the daily photos from last week that I didn’t get a chance to post.

In December an Olive Garden opened up here in town and even better, we got a gift certificate for Christmas for OG. So Jason and I took advantage of it and had a date night on Friday the 27th. We went out to a movie (One For The Money) and then to Olive Garden. We had yummy food and a great time catching up since I just gotten back after being gone for 12 days. I love dates with my husband :)

Is anyone else completely in love with Downton Abbey?! Last year I watched season one so I was really excited when season two started. While I was in Oregon I got behind so I had a marathon session to catch up. Sometimes that is my favorite way of watching shows anyway. I love to watch one after another, I feel like I catch more because there hasn’t been a week in between!

I’ve told you all before that I work at a real estate agency on Saturday mornings and all of the office workers were given flowers as a way to show their appreciation for us. Isn’t that nice?! They were a beautiful mix of bright colors and mine are actually still alive even though it has now been over a week now. They will probably have to go soon though. Sad because I love fresh flowers.

I’ve already posted about my new duvet cover but I couldn’t help but Instagram it too :)

One evening I was walking into the living room and I noticed all of the cool shadows that there were so I snapped a couple of photos. I love shadows, especially when they look so proportionate to the actual object.

Just playing around with my phone’s camera. I took this shot of my dining room table. It was actually nighttime; I’m surprised at how well it turned out.

I have been adding to my gallery wall again. This time I added 12 new frames. I will have to post a photo of them all up. The wall is getting fuller and I love it!

I realized I hadn’t shot an outfit for a while so I did on Wednesday. The day was pretty gloomy and so I thought I would cheer it up by wearing some bright colors. I mean, you can’t go wrong with bright tights, floral and rain boots, right?!

I decided to play along with the Instagram February Photo A Day challenge. Day One: your view today. This is exactly what I was doing. Trying to finish a book I was reading :) I love to read!

Day two: Words. I had just gotten my new Elle Decor in the mail and was perusing it. I don’t actually read blogs or magazines. I only look at the pictures. Then, if I really like something and want to know how it is done, I usually will read into it further. How about you? Do you actually read magazines and blogs?

Day Three: Hands. Do you want to know something weird about me? I think my hands look like boy hands. They aren’t overly large or anything, it’s just that my brother and I have almost identical hands except that his are bigger. So I always think mine look like boy hands. It’s funny how we view ourselves, isn’t it?!

Yay! Now I am all caught up! And just in case I’m not able to post until the next Everyday Life, I hope you all have a good week!