New Bedroom Duvet

While I was in Oregon, the most wonderful package arrived at our house! Before I left I ordered a duvet cover from West Elm. As if coming home wasn’t fun enough, that made it even more fun!

Previously, we had a white duvet cover which we had gotten as a wedding present 12 years ago. I loved it when we got it but it was starting to show it’s age. Really, that is a pretty long time for a duvet cover or, actually, anything in this house! (There really aren’t that many decorative things that have had that kind of longevity for me.) We also alternated with a brown coverlet depending on the season. They both have had a good long run but it was time to switch it up. As soon as I saw the chevron duvet cover from West Elm earlier last year, I knew it had to be mine :) Then, it went on sale and the dream became a reality! Yay for me!!

Just as a reminder, here is the room with the white duvet:

And now, here is the new duvet:

Oh my, I am completely in love!! Now I need to work on some new pillows for this room. The previous pillows are striped and don’t really work anymore. Plus, I have been using them in the living room for a while now and so new pillows are definitely in order. I have some ideas, we shall see how they turn out. I also wouldn’t mind some new curtains (since the current ones are left over from another room anyway) and I have some other things I would like to tackle in this room. Isn’t it fun how things are always changing and evolving? I love that!

Also, looking at this photo, I realized I could have done a bit more primping. Oh well, it is what it is :) When I do a final reveal, with new pillows and everything, the cover will be free of wrinkles and the pillows will be to perfection. At least with this photo you get to see how we roll…

So stay tuned! It will be interesting to see what changes next time!