Scrapbooking: Noah and Lily

It’s time for another round of scrapbook pages. One for my niece and one for my nephew. I love these little people :) One of my favorite things about making their pages is I go through the past years first so I don’t make them too similar and I get to see how much they have grown and changed. It’s so fun to be an aunt!

Let’s start with Lily:

I have 4 nephews and one niece. When I make Lily’s page it is so fun because I get to use girl colors. Not that boy colors aren’t fun, it’s just that making things girly is even more fun! Lily is already two and she is so adorable. She has the most beautiful eyes, they will make the boys melt one day!

Noah came to be part of our family when he was 6 months old. He is one of the gang and we love him so much. What a little treasure :) This is one of my favorite pages I have made in a while. Of course, that isn’t saying much since I haven’t scrapped much lately :)

Happy Birthday Noah and Lily, I love you both so much!!

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