Everyday Life 01.13.12 – 01.19.12

I am still in Oregon these days and having a great time! I am trying something new out: I’m writing a post from my phone. We shall see how this turns out :) Let me know if anything looks amiss!

Here are some photos from this past week, taken on vacation.

Our day on Saturday started early with leaving at 5:30 AM. Here I am waiting at the airport, all ready to go. I was traveling light this time with just a carry on. That is a new record for me! Especially since we will be gone for 11 days!

Yeesh! We have had a lot of rain! First it started with a couple of dats of snow (which is unusual) to crazy amounts of rain and everything is flooding. More on that later.

I am staying with my in laws while I am here and this was taken at their house. There is a creek that you drive over to get to their house and the water was creeping up so high. Usually this water is about 3 feet lower! It never did spill over though. In the 30 years they have lived here that has only happened once!

I have been continuing with my workouts while I’ve been here but without my favorite training buddy (Jason) which is sad. I miss him :) we normally do P90X but I didn’t take any of it with me (remember, packing light!). So, I got the Nike training app and I have been using that. It’s awesome, I love it! And it’s perfect for on the go and even better, it’s free!

My little 2 year old niece. Isn’t she adorable? Look at those eyelashes! I’m so jealous! The cutest thing is she holds her pencil like an adult. I couldn’t help but snap a photo :)

The game of the week has definitely been Sorry. The boys want to play it all the time. But I actually think its a fun game so I don’t mind! Plus I love being with them!

And that is a quick recap of some of the stuff that has been going on here. I have had so much fun already and there is still more fun to come!