Dining Room and Entryway Changes

This will just be a quick little post to show you some small changes I made to the entryway and dining room. After all, I am on vacation so I’d better make this fast :)

Just like the living room, I put all of the Christmas stuff away and decided not to put the same stuff out that had been there before. Nothing too drastic, just a new vignette. In these rooms, all the furniture is still in the same places.

Does it look the same to you? Look closer…

I added some different frames to the wall. The bottom frame has an old post card from Oregon that I found in an antique shop here in Tennessee. The post card is a drawing of a place close to where I lived when I was born.

And for the dining room…

A peek from the living room.

I changed the vignette on the console. I like it. Even though it is a small change, it was time. It’s nice to have something new to look at now and then.

Now I need to be thinking about some new artwork. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

And that is all for today. I’m going to go enjoy being with my family some more because vacations go by so fast!