Living Room Change Up 2012

You all know by now how I love to rearrange my house, right? It’s one of the best free things I can do to cure my boredom. And do you know what? I am not the only one. Victoria from sfgirlbybay does it all the time, even more than I do. My Mom does it too, at least as much as I do, possibly with more frequency. So if you haven’t tried it and you are bored, do it! If you change things around and don’t like it, change it back. It’s fun, trust me :)

I always tend to change things around New Years. The Christmas stuff comes down and it’s time for something different. This year is isn’t as drastic of a change as last year but it’s still fun. Ready to check it out? Here goes!

The main things that I changed is the addition of the rug, the cabinet, and another chair.

I don’t normally give sources but I figured now would be a good time just in case anyone cares. The problem is, most of them were thrifted so it’s not easy to duplicate the look.

My cat is crazy :) The pillows were all made by me using various fabrics at different times. I talked about the multi-colored pillow here some of the others are mentioned here. The couch was a thrifted find, one of my best ones yet!!

At Christmastime, I moved my plants around and they ended up grouped together on the coffee table and I liked it so they stayed that way. They are all from Ikea, the pots and the plants. The tray was a thrifted find that I covered in fabric. The vase was a gift from my Mom and the branches are from a tree at my house. The coffee table was built by my wonderful husband. He really is the best!

The elephant was a thrifted find that I sprainted white. It was formerly in the family room but I decided he needed to hang out in the living room for a while :) The lamp was also thrifted, I talked about it here. The floor pillows were the cushions to some chairs that my Mom had and she didn’t want them so I brought them home with me :) The frame is from Target and I have had it for forever.

The gallery wall has been a work in progress for quite some time and I have been collecting the frames from various places and sprainting them white so they all would match. The chair is another thrifted find and I made the slipcover. You can read about it here. The ottoman? Thrifted. My Mom actually found it for $5 and after a lot of begging, she gave it to me :) The lamp is from a wholesale outlet and I got it for $6, lampshade included! The metal bucket is from Lowe’s. I made both of the pillows, you can read about the zig zag pillow here.

The cabinet used to be in the family room and you can read about its makeover here. Both chairs are thrifted finds. The one on the right was in Jason’s office/library and I borrowed it for the living room :) The artwork was a thrifted find. Most people say it looks like Michael Jackson. I tend to agree. The ruffle pillow was made by myself, you can check out the tutorial here. The crocheted white blanket on the back of the chair was a high school graduation gift from my Grandma way back in the day.

The curtains are from Ikea and the rods are from West Elm. The rug is from World Market from quite a few years back. I used to have it in storage but I whipped it out to see if it would work for a while. Ideally, I would like to have a black and white rug in this space. And hardwood floors painted white. Is that too much to ask?!

The lamp is from Walmart and the shade is from Pottery Barn. Both I have had for a while. The paint color was mixed by me. You can read about it here.

See, wasn’t that fun?! If you aren’t tired of reading about the living room yet, check out this progression post where I catalog the changes this room has gone through since we’ve lived here.