Everyday Life: 01.06.12 – 01.12.12

This week was a little bit different for Everyday Life because my younger brother and his girlfriend were here visiting us so we were all sort of in vacation mode. That means lots of photos were taken and lots of fun was happening :) Our little group was made up of Jason and I, my parents, and my brother and his girlfriend. Here is what has been going on with me this past week (all of these were taken with my phone)…

I was very excited to see my brother :) Isn’t he cute?! I am eight years older than him and even though there is a large age gap between us, we love to be together. He brings out the kid in me!

Brett and his girlfriend, Jill. This was the first time I got to meet Jill (besides talking on Skype which doesn’t really count) and I loved her immediately. They are so great together and I love watching them interact.

Because we were in vacation mode, there was Starbucks aplenty! One day when Jason couldn’t come with us we went to Starbucks and I took this photo and sent it to him telling him we missed him. I’m thinkin’ he was missing us at that point too. If not us, then at least he was missing the coffee!

My poor cat was a little bit neglected since I spent most of the week at my parent’s house and one morning before I left she really wanted attention and was hiding from me under the rug so I would come chase her. Silly kitty!

I took a bunch of outfit photos this week, this being the first one. I think this was on Saturday.

My brother is a really talented guitar player and worship leader. We always talk him into leading worship for our church while he is visiting and this is a photo of him during practice. This time we got a double bonus because Jill is a wonderful singer and she sang with him. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the two of them together but I did get a video :)

This past Sunday I was helping out in the nursery at church and one of the little tots climbed into a toy box and started looking at a book. It was so cute I had to snap a picture!

Sunday’s outfit, taken at church.

We brought the donuts home from church for Brett. He really likes donuts, can you tell?!

Monday’s outfit. Comfy and casual!

Many times we were all just sitting around on our various devices, iphones or laptops. How’s that for family time?

Another outfit. I like the colors in this one.

More color! Stripes and red, you can’t go wrong :)

Out to lunch at a sandwich shop. Brett and Jill are so adorable!

We went to several thrift stores and antique shops together since we all enjoy that kind of thing. Yesterday at an antique shop I saw this stack of movies and had to do a double take. Quite a while ago, Jason and I, along with my parents, watched My Left Foot together. I think it was one of those that was recommended through Netflix based on other movies we have watched. No offense to those of you who may like this movie but we all hated it. I’m not even sure why we watched the whole thing because none of us liked it at all. We all thought it would get better and it never did. So now, it has become the joke with the four of us. Whenever we are talking about watching a movie one of us always mentions this one. It has come up in conversation a few times this past week. And then I saw it at the antiques shop. It was just too perfect :) And for those of you wondering, no I did not buy it.

We also love playing games. We have so much fun laughing and teasing each other throughout the duration of the game. Last night we played until 1:00 AM! And it was fun!

My last outfit shot, from last night. You can’t go wrong with a sweater and boots. Unless it’s summer time :)

So that’s my busy yet fun week. How was yours? My adventure is just beginning though because tomorrow I am leaving for Oregon! I can’t wait to see the rest of my family and extend this vacation a little longer!

Have a great weekend everyone!!