Laundry Room Sink

One of my favorite things about my new and improved laundry room is my new sink. I am seriously in love with this thing. It is a tank and I can’t wait to put it to work.

You may recall that previously, there was just a little sink in there. Since it’s a small space, I understand why there was just a small sink. But I needed more room. I wanted a sink that I could actually use for more than just washing my hands. One that was deep enough for cleaning out paint trays and buckets and the cat’s litter box. Currently, all of that stuff has to be done in the kitchen sink which in my opinion is not ideal and I have to clean the sink out with bleach just to make sure it is disinfected afterward. How wonderful to have a sink that is meant for dirty jobs!!

I mentioned back in June that I found a sink on the side of the road for free. Oh happy day! I actually found it a couple of years ago and have been storing it in the garage ever since, just waiting for the day that it would end up in the laundry room. Well that day has finally come, it has a new home!

Isn’t it great?! And this thing is a beast. A heavy beast! (You can also see where I stopped painting in this photo!)

We got a new drain and faucet for it. It was quite the process finding the right drain. You can read a little bit about it here.

I wanted a faucet that was taller to make sure I could fit buckets underneath it. Plus, I didn’t want a little dinky faucet because I thought it would look funny with this large sink. But, it already had pre-drilled holes and so I had to find one that would fit. My best bet was a faucet for a bar sink and it worked perfectly! Isn’t the little stopper so cute?!

And lastly, the base. Also back in June I mentioned that we found a table saw attached to this base on the side of the road, again, for free. The table saw didn’t work but we kept the base and I spray painted it matte black and we attached the sink to it. It worked out really great and I love how it looks together! I can’t believe I found two independent things on the side of the road and matched them up to work so well. I was telling my Dad about this and he said, “I feel a blog post coming on.” He was right :)

We still have yet to connect the pipes because we ran out of time before my brother got here but soon it will be a working sink! Now, it just looks pretty :) The ironic thing is that the whole time we have been doing this project we were wishing we had a large sink to clean up all of our messes in. Oh well! We will have one for next time!