The Everyday Life Project

Yay! It’s a new year! And the start of a new photo project. My goal is the same as last year: to take a photo every day. But this year, I will not be only taking photos of myself. This year I am going to take photos of life. Just everyday life. No matter what it may be, I just want to capture this year in small doses. I’m pretty sure most of these shots are going to be coming from my Instagram stream. My iPhone is the camera that I have with me all the time. So these photos aren’t meant to be pretty or amazing. They are meant to record life.

Anyone want to join with me? You would have a bit of a late start but who cares?! Let’s do it! And this year, I really do want to take a photo every day. Because last year I definitely didn’t even come close :)

My year started off with buying paint. It’s silly to say but it really is one of my favorite things to buy. I think it’s because I know there is a transformation coming and that excites me. We buy paint so often that the guys at Sherwin Williams know us by name and they know who my parents are. It’s pretty awesome really :)

Technically this photo was on New Year’s Eve but it was so funny I had to share it anyway! My Mom and I went to Goodwill. She found the most awesome, chunky, cable knit sweater. But there was something wrong with it. The sleeves were way too long for the sweater. They hung down so far past that it looked really funny. Like a sweater for a monkey. She showed me and we started laughing about it. Then I noticed that the tag that was sewn on the inside said made with love by grandma. That made us laugh even harder. That poor grandma who worked so hard on a sweater that was probably never even worn. We laughed so hard we cried. We laughed so hard another shopper had to come see what we were laughing about. Then she started laughing and had to call her friend over to laugh with us. I have never had so much fun in Goodwill!

We have a different sink we want to put in the laundry room. My Dad was over helping on our project and they sent me to Lowe’s to get the stuff they needed for the sink. I’m not sure that was such a good idea :) They sent me with the old crusty busty drain and said to find a new one just like it along with some other pieces. They said I could just walk right up to a worker there and they would help me find what I needed. The photos above are me taking pictures of what the Lowe’s employee told me I needed. I sent photos back to the house to see if these were the right things. Once I got home, nothing was right and Jason still had to make a trip himself :) That’s what you get when you send me to pick up stuff I have no clue about!

A side note… I feel really bad for the employees that work at Lowe’s in the plumbing department. I walked up to him and showed him the nasty drain and he took it from me to look at it. Then, while he was still helping me, another shopper came up and handed him a piece of something and said this fell in my toilet and I need something to replace it. Yuck! This poor employee must have to touch gross stuff all day!

It has been cold here in Tennessee. One night it got down to 20 degrees or something crazy like that. Starbucks to me is warmth on a cold day. Mmmm I can just taste it right now :)

If anything sums up this past week it’s this photo. Painting. And, I still have more painting to go! But, I will get there!

Remember how I said it’s been cold? Well, our laundry room sits right next to the garage (actually it’s kind of built into the garage) and the garage isn’t heated. That means that the laundry room was cold because we were keeping it closed off from the rest of the house due to the mess. I had to wear multiple sweatshirts, a scarf, and hat just to keep reasonably warm during our cold spell. Thankfully it has since warmed up!

The only time I actually got dressed this week besides my scrubby clothes. I even put on my shoes with a little bit of bling on them. How’s that for dressing up?!

And lastly, the said sink in place. We just got to put it in last night at around 10:00 PM. Isn’t she a beauty?! I love it!!

Have a great weekend everyone! My little brother is here now visiting us from Oregon and I’m so excited! I’m going to enjoy every minute!!