Blogging The New Year

The time has come around again. Another new year. Another fresh start. I love that nothing in my life has changed except for the calendar going from 2011 to 2012, yet it feels like it’s the right time to make changes. To re-evaluate. To make new goals. I really love that.

Last year I mentioned my philosophy about my blog. To refresh, my goal is this: to blog original content. The reason? Because I want to document my life, house, creative journey, etc. Last year one of my goals was to blog more regularly. I think I did a pretty good job of that. I blogged almost every weekday (238 blog post last year!). Not too shabby. But I realized something. It’s too much for me. It works for some people (I’m not sure how because it’s a lot of work, but it does work for some people!). Not for me. I have too many other pursuits that I can’t realistically blog every single weekday and actually have worthwhile content. I gave it a good shot, I did it for a year but now it’s time to step back a little.

I’m still planning on blogging regularly. Hopefully no more of the sporadic stuff that I started with for the first few years. But this year, guess what? I’m going to blog for me. Last year, because I was trying to blog too much, I realized I was blogging for you. I was trying to post things that I thought other people would be interested in. But this year, I’m blogging what I am interested in. I’m blogging for me. In reality, it might not even seem that different to you readers. But it will feel different to me. Last year I got so caught up in trying to please people that I forgot why I was blogging. This year, instead of hurrying to come up with something at the last hour and then quickly making something, I am simply going to document life. I’m still hoping I will end up blogging a few times a week but I’m not going to hold to it. I am only going to blog if I have something to share. Okey-dokey?

Having said all of that, I want to make it clear that no one has ever said anything to me that makes me feel not good enough or that they didn’t like what I was posting. It was a standard that I had set for myself of wanting to be better. And it’s okay to want to be better, I just realized that I need to want to be better for me and not only hoping to please others. In fact, I think I have the best blog readers in the world because I have never had a negative comment. I don’t get a ton of comments on this blog and I’m okay with that because at least none of them are bad! So thanks everyone, for keeping this a positive place! And thank you for continuing to read even though I change my mind every other day about what I want the blog to be. Thanks for hanging in there!

So, I’m super excited for this next year. I always love a fresh start. I get a burst of energy just thinking about it. About all of the stuff I want to do and accomplish. I have a new goal list and since today is already the second, I have started it. So far so good :)

We have been working on a new project here at the house. I have a little sneak peek for you. Can anyone guess what room this is? I haven’t showed it to you in a long time…

It’s coming along. We still have a bunch of stuff to do but we are working away at it, quite frantically really :) By the end of the week I should have more photos for you!

So Happy New Year to you all!! Do you have any goals for this coming year? And what do you think about my new blogging strategy?

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