Photo 365: Year End Wrap Up

As I was typing the title to this post I literally can’t believe it. A whole year has gone by and we are ready to start a new one?! It can’t be!! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I began Photo 365 and now I’m done. And no, I wasn’t even close to taking a shot everyday and that is okay with me. I took shots when I remembered and that’s enough. I’m glad I did this project. It definitely was a growing experience for me and that was the main goal.

I will not be continuing on with Photo 365 next year but I do have some new goals for myself that will involve photos and this blog. I will let you in on them next week. Until then, here are some Photo 365 pics from this last month and they will be the last ones for the year that I post. Kind of sad to see it come to a close but to everything there is a season.

Every single one of these was taken with my phone and most of them ended up on Instagram (check out my Instagram photos here, even if you don’t have Instagram). I love capturing life on the go!

A photo from Thanksgiving. In the car of course. Our favorite time to take self portraits together :)

Workout hair.

At the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga. We had never gone before and we went with some friends at the beginning of the month. We had a great time and took dorky photos of ourselves along the way :)

Another photo at the Hunter but I couldn’t resist posting it because this mirror art piece was seriously cool!

Had a little night out with some friends and went to an improv show. Another thing I have never done before and it was really fun and highly entertaining. Now I really want to go again!

We’ve had a few cold days this past month but overall it has been pretty warm for December. I love cold days and I wish I got to wear my stocking hat more often. By the way, did you know that here in the South they call those stocking hats toboggans? I thought that was really strange at first because to me a toboggan in a sled.

Knitting. I finally finished a scarf for myself that I began two years ago! That’s how it goes sometimes I guess!

Standing in the return line at Walmart. No fun…

My outfit for Christmas. A sparkly dress, fishnet tights, and cheetah shoes. Doesn’t get much more festive than that!

And lastly, Jason got me these red pants and shoes that I wanted for my Christmas present. I wore them both yesterday. Thank you sweetie, I love them :)

Thanks for sticking with me this past year! I appreciate every single comment that was made!

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