Sew Merry: Simple Wreath

Today’s post will be short and sweet. I’m hoping to finish all of my grocery shopping today so I don’t have to brave the crowds again until after Christmas. Thankfully this week has been pretty quiet around here compared to last week and so I have been able to really get some things accomplished!

I have a super simple wreath project to show you that will take you about as long to read this post as it does to make it. How’s that for quick?! A perfect project for the last few days leading up to Christmas.

For the glass church door, I needed a wreath that would look good on both sides. I always have that problem when I hang wreaths from windows too. I looked around for a while and couldn’t find anything and realized I would have to make my own which I was hoping to avoid since I had so many other things to make and I was worried about having enough time. Thankfully, what I came up with was quick!

I bought a strand of garland from Michaels and wrapped it around a gold metal hoop which I got from a craft store. Then I secured it with gold wire. Since the garland was gold, the hoop and wire just kind of blend in. Then I used a suction cup to secure it to the door. Because of its simplicity, it kind of reminds me of a laurel. Which, as you know, I am really into right now :)

And the best part?

When the sun shines through the door, the shadow shows up on the wall. I love that the wreath frames the writing on the door. I think it looks so cool!

See? I told you it was a quick project. And yet, great results! It looks pretty from the outside, the inside, and even the shadow. Now how’s that for impressive?!

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