Sew Merry: DIY Wreaths

Wreaths are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. There are so many different kinds of wreaths out there and I love to see all of the variations of the traditional green wreath. This year I created two wreaths that are far from traditional and because of their neutrality, they really can be used all year if I wish.

Do you see them there on the shelves? I didn’t change much about my dining room shelf display this year. I kept them similar to what they normally look like. Mostly because it was one of the last things I decorated and I was getting lazy. The only things I added were the wreaths, chalkboard, and wood to the candlesticks. Talk about lazy :) Okay, back to wreaths…

The first one I created was a button wreath. I used a Styrofoam wreath form and hot glued the buttons to it. Can’t get any easier than that! I chose to prop mine on the shelf but I think it would be pretty to tie a thick silky ribbon around it and hang it too.

This button wreath is just a little guy. I love him for that :)

The other wreath is even more quirky. I hot glued candy all over a wreath form and came up with this. A couple of years ago I had jars on display with only white candy in them because I like the way it looked. I had Lifesaver mints, Good & Plenty candy (only the white ones, I picked the pink ones out!), and coconut flavored jelly beans. We didn’t plan on eating them so after the holidays I just threw them in a bag and packed them with my Christmas stuff to save for later. This year I thought it would be fun to make a wreath with them!

I had a friend come over and when she saw it she asked if I made the wreath out of mints and pills. Haha! Not entirely, but close :) Although pills would probably work too but might be a bit more expensive!

And those are my non-traditional wreaths for this year. I’m not planning on displaying the candy wreath throughout the year but possibly I will the button wreath. I will just have to find a place to put it after Christmas is over. Only 5 days left, can you believe it?!

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