Sew Merry: Felt Letter Banner

One week until Christmas! Are you excited? I am :) Sometimes I still feel like a little kid because I look forward to Christmas so much! Although, I do sleep better on Christmas Eve than I did when I was a kid :) I remember waking up every hour, just too excited to sleep. Now I sleep in and it is wonderful!

I have a little Christmas banner to share with you today. I have it displayed in my entryway and it’s probably the first thing that is noticed when you walk in our door.

As with many projects that I make, I used materials that I had on hand. I love not having to run to the store for something! I used fabric for the banner (a piece from a painters drop cloth), felt, a wooden dowel, iron on hem tape, and yarn.

First, I cut a rectangle out of fabric. I wanted the edges to be raw so I didn’t hem it. Then I used iron on hem tape and ironed it on about 3 inches from the top.

Next, I folded the fabric over and ironed it to the hem tape to create a little pocket for the dowel to slip into.

For the bottom, I folded it in half and then cut diagonally toward the center.

Once it’s unfolded, it creates this inverted point. You also could make it the opposite way too so it looks like an arrow.

Using felt, I cut out letters to form the saying I chose. I free handed these because that is the look that I wanted. You could use a template if you want (or even easier, iron on letters). Then, I used more of the iron on hem tape, cut in small strips, and ironed on the letters. No sewing required! Yay! Lastly, I tied on the yarn on either end of the dowel and hung it from a nail in the wall.

I like the saying I chose. It’s not really a Christmas song but it is what I want Christmas to be about!

What about you? Any last minute projects for the holidays? We attended two Christmas parties this past weekend and now it really feels like Christmas!! Bring it on, I love it!

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