Sew Merry: Winter Scene

As you know, I am not an artist. At least not in the sense that I can paint and draw, because I can’t worth beans. But occasionally, that doesn’t stop me from trying. Sometimes, I can paint or draw a shape that looks halfway decent and that’s what I did for today’s project.

I started with this piece of barn wood. It’s actually the end of one of the boards in my table when we were cutting it to size. Because of how rustic it is, I thought it would be a cool piece of art for the holidays.

Because simple is the only kind of painting I do, I sketched it out with my paintbrush and some white paint. A little abstract winter scene. Abstract is good, right?!

After the initial sketch, I just filled in the lines and made the white brighter. Now it resides on my coffee table in the living room.

I like the rustic-ness of it. Especially against the sleekness of the coffee table. This is the only piece of barn wood I had but if I had had more, it would have been cute to do a whole series of these and display them on my mantel. Maybe next year :)

Only 8 more days until Christmas! Are you ready?

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