Sew Merry: Shade Banner

Last year I made a few paper banners for the Christmas tree out of kraft paper (obviously one of my favorite crafting supplies around the holidays!). They were fun and simple to make and rather than throw them away at the end of the year, I saved them. This year, when I was pulling everything out of the Christmas box, I ran across them and had the perfect idea for one of them:

See it there? I added it to the shade in my dining room. Such a fun little way to bring something Christmas-y into the space. To make the banner I used an overhead projector and traced the design onto the paper then filled it in with marker. I love when I can reuse things from the year before in a different way. It makes it more fun :)

Obviously when I put it on, I wanted to be able to take it off again with no damage to the shade. So I used double sided tape and it seems to be holding up really well. So far it has been up for about 2 weeks and it’s still holding strong.

I’ve never thought to decorate my lampshades for the holidays. It’s a new space I will have to keep in mind in the years to come. Who knew? What other spaces might I be overlooking?!

And that is what I call a shade banner :)
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A bonus… check out Sarah’s blog Me & My House. She was inspired by my black & brass theme last year and used it for herself this year! I love seeing what others do for this magical holiday :)