Sew Merry: Stick Ornaments

I have another really simple project for you today. Yesterday, I showed you my snow globe winter wonderland and in the midst of that wonderland is a silver mini tree. Here is a reminder of the display:

See the little tinsel tree on the right? Just like my other white tree, I kept the decor simple but I did make some little ornaments that I thought I would share with you all today. here is a close up…

See the wood ornaments? Here is how you can make some for yourself. I’m telling you, they are a no brainer!

Remember those little cups of ice cream you ate when you were a kid? I loved them. In fact I still do. Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts but a whole carton of ice cream is just too tempting so I buy these little cups… instant portion control. It works great for me! Anyway, back to the project at hand. These little ice cream cups still come with the wooden spoons. I figured they just had to come in handy for a project of some sort, right? So I saved them. Then, a few weeks ago, I got them out and started playing with them. This is what I came up with:

When they are stacked, I thought they looked like little snowflakes. So I glued them together, wrapped some yarn around them and hung them on my tree.

This is another project you could do with your kids. You could also use Popsicle sticks if you have some of those lying around. I like the bit of wood that it brings to the tree. Another texture amidst all of the sparkles of the tinsel.

And that is the last of the ornaments I have to show you. I guess I went light on them this year! But since I don’t have any other trees hiding around my house, that will have to do :)

P.S. My tree poster was on the blog Saturday Morning Vintage today. See it for yourself here!

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